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ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2020 3D CAD Viewer

ZWSOFT Releases CADbro 2020 3D CAD Viewer
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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec 20, 2019 - ZWSOFT unveiled the new CADbro 2020, an easy-to-use 3D CAD viewer designed for everyone who needs to collaborate on engineering data, especially salespeople, technical workers, quality controllers, designers, etc.




Featuring real-time collaboration, extended online viewing functions, optimized workflow in CADbro Cloud, and new 3D BOM, CADbro 2020 delivers smoother-than-ever internal and external collaboration in 3D CAD space.

Real-time collaboration tools

Efficiency and accuracy are critical to collaboration on 3D CAD data. In CADbro 2020, you can collaborate in real time with project members, incluing your teammates, colleagues from other departments, clients, as well as up & downstream suppliers. For example, you can invite them to join an online discussion. The operations done on the model such as rotating, viewing sections, adding dimensions and so on, will be synchronized immediately on their windows. You can also chat with them and play back the meeting afterwards. Now, no matter how complicated the 3D model is, your communication is crystal clear and efficient.


de796acc203976e50424dbf6869c1cd9Figure 1. Share model status with project members by real-time collaboration tools


More flexible online viewing

Viewing 3D models anytime and anywhere on the web is the star function of CADbro Cloud. In CADbro 2020, the online viewing functions have been extended and optimized. First, there are more options for link sharing, enabling you to set different permissions for your receivers, like expiry date, passwords, view times or the privileges to view assembly tree, exploded view, PMI, etc.


cf9ee1598f82819224092e725f2eda30Figure 2. Set permissions after generating share links for models


Other viewing commands are also more friendly. For example, you can conduct operations such as isolating and hiding by right clicking the model, and choose from the 6 viewing angles by rotating the cube on the upper-right corner. Moreover, the Move and Restore commands can help you quickly and freely drag the components to check or demonstrate the model, and restore them to the original location in a second. The list still goes on, such as exploding according to assembly structure, Perspective View, Unit Switcher, etc., all of which are designed for you to work around the model in any situation.


a4a68a98c1832439c375fa70406d091dFigure 3. View models more flexibly on web


Optimized workflow for CADbro Cloud on web

Smooth collaboration cannot be realized without a good project management workflow. In CADbro Cloud of this version, a more reasonable project management workflow on web is ready. You can create teams and projects based on your needs, assign roles to project members, and authorize corresponding permissions to different roles. What’s more, you can separate spaces for team collaboration and for your personal use. With the optimized workflow, your 3D CAD data can be well organized.


1dd54c5cd2b5a894e103fa45188a0437Figure 4. Manage team members and projects in CADbro Cloud webpage


New 3D BOM

Documentation is a necessary part of production. Traditionally, BOMs are generated along with 2D drawings. However, it is time-consuming and needless for salesperson, purchasing staff and others who don’t need engineering drawings. In CADbro 2020, 3D BOM eliminates the bottleneck, enabling you to generate BOM directly in 3D space, benefiting your part attributes management. You can select which items to include in the BOM by filters like Parts only and Shape only, calculate, search and edit attributes, export to excel files and reuse the customized templates. With 3D BOM, collaboration gets more efficient.


921f00262df7b5f0c16eef39f1338ce8Figure 5. Manage part attributes in 3D BOM configuration form


CADbro 2020, designed for collaboration

“Helping users collaborate on engineering data smoothly in 3D CAD space is the original intention of the CADbro product team. In CADbro 2020, we have finally realized the collaboration function in the true sense. I am really excited about it.” said Terry Deng, the Product Manager of CADbro.


Now, CADbro 2020 is available online for you to download and try. Start enjoying real-time collaboration in 3D CAD space!

About CADbro

As one of ZWSOFT’s star products, CADbro is a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration on engineering data. Packed with an intuitive interface, advanced tools to view, annotate, analyze, and cloud service to share, CADbro allows you to communicate 3D CAD data with project members anytime and anywhere. For more information, visit

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