ZWSOFT, Aplitop to Host Free Webinar on ZWCAD 2021, TcpMDT V8.5, Oct 29, 11AM EST

ZWSOFT, Aplitop to Host Free Webinar on ZWCAD 2021, TcpMDT V8.5, Oct 29, 11AM EST
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GUANGZHOU, China, Oct 16, 2020 – Scheduled for October 29th, the free webinar that will be hosted by ZWSOFT and Aplitop is intended to help ZWCAD users, especially surveyors and civil engineers, learn the latest ZWCAD 2021TcpMDT V8.5, and how to conduct an urbanization project with the water supply network.



Aplitop is a provider of applications for surveying and civil engineering. TcpMDT is a powerful add-on for assorted topographic projects. Its up-to-date version, TcpMDT V8.5 offers a new module for the design of water, sanitation and other networks, OpenBIM file exchange with multiple IFC versions, and much more. In this webinar, you will learn how to utilize them to facilitate urbanization in ZWCAD 2021.


TcpMDT V8.5 for ZWCAD 2021


Webinar Agenda

Below is what you will learn from this oncoming webinar.

Time Topic Presenter(s)
11:00~11:06 An Introduction to Aplitop David Vincent, International Sales Manager at Aplitop
11:06~11:20 An Introduction to ZWSOFT and ZWCAD 2021 Claire He, ZWCAD Product Consultant at ZWSOFT
11:20~11:55 A Demonstration of TcpMDT V8.5

  1. How to obtain natural terrains from cartography or WCS (World Coordinate System)
  2. How to define roads in an urbanization project
  3. How to do type section design
  4. How to obtain the modified land
  5. How to obtain cubing lists
  6. How to design and analyze the sanitation network
Antonio Pardo, Geodesy and Cartography Engineer at Aplitop
11:55~12:00 Q& A session Everyone

Webinar Specifics

If you are interested in joining us, please pay attention to the following information.

  1. Time: From 11:00 to 12:00 CEST on October 29th, 2020 (Thursday)
  2. Platform: GoToWebinar
  3. Registration:
  4. Language: English

We look forward to connecting with you on October 29th. Register now and learn to carry out an urbanization project from this webinar!


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