Zortrax Introduces M200 Plus 3D Printer

Zortrax Introduces M200 Plus 3D Printer
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OLSZTYN, Poland, Mar 15, 2018 – Zortrax presents M200 Plus, a reliable 3D printer based on the award-winning Zortrax M200. M200 Plus has a variety of new features, such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, that enables users to remotely control multiple devices operating in large, automated 3D printing farms. Additional improvements include a new, redesigned extruder, a touchscreen with an intuitive interface, and the support of new, specialized materials like Z-SEMIFLEX.


M200-PlusZortrax M200 Plus Desktop 3D Printer


Since the Zortrax M200 premiere, we have have been listening to the opinions of our users. 3D printing technology is constantly developing. There are new types of materials, and the need to automate the production process became very important so 3D printers increasingly began to become an inseparable element of production plants or design offices. Our goal was to adapt the world’s best desktop 3D printer to the new reality. In addition, Zortrax M200 Plus is a perfect reflection of the IoT concept, said Karolina Bołądź, Chief Product Officer at Zortrax SA.

Quality is crucial

Even today, the Zortrax M200 is one of the best desktop 3D printers in the world. Awarded many times by specialists and 3D printing enthusiasts, it is distinguished by its reliability, high quality of prints and simplicity of use. All these features have defined the integrated Zortrax Ecosystem. Making it even better was quite a challenge. Yet that’s precisely what we have accomplished.

Zortrax M200 Plus is a 3D printer based on LPD technology, which was created for professional and corporate clients. It is the reason why we introduced the possibility of combining 3D printers into farms and manage them through the wireless connectivity. Thanks to it, one trained employee can coordinate the production performed on several or dozen machines. This is an innovative solution expected by today’s industry and specialists around the world, said Marcin Olchanowski, Chief Technology Officer at Zortrax SA.

Another new feature is the touchscreen. Navigating through available options is fast and intuitive. The quad core processor guarantees high data processing speed. Moreover, the touch interface will allow us to add new functionalities via automatic updates in the future. Zortrax M200 Plus is also equipped with a camera that lets the user monitor the printout status in the Z-SUITE software.

New functionalities

Thanks to the WiFi and Ethernet, you can now quickly transfer ZCODEX files to many Zortrax M200 Plus 3D printers. It is also possible to save the file on the flash drive and run the print manually from the 3D printer’s menu. You can also remotely start or stop the printing process through the Z-SUITE application and monitor its progress with a built-in camera. All these new solutions will be appreciated by professional users managing multiple devices in 3D printing farms.

Wide variety of the materials

In addition to the M series well-known materials, M200Plus can print with the elastic material Z-SEMIFLEX, which is perfect for printing elastic elements such as seals or rubber elements used in automotive industry, or realistic models of blood vessels and arteries, which helps to plan the treatment of patients in the medical branch. Moreover, the M200Plus’ redesigned print head allows to experiment with other, external materials maintaining the highest quality and reliability at the same time.

About Zortrax 

Headquartered in Olsztyn, Poland,  Zortrax is a leading European manufacturer of integrated 3D printing solutions.

The company’s business strategy is focused on providing the highest quality 3D printing ecosystem for a wide range of business professionals. The company’s products are used by thousands of clients around the world in various industries such as: architecture, healthcare, automotive, industrial engineering, education or fashion.

Zortrax’s products are available on all major global markets, as the company operates through an extensive network of more than 160 resellers offering their products to professionals in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, visit https://zortrax.com.

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