When NVIDIA Desktop Manager Brought BricsCAD to its Knees

When NVIDIA Desktop Manager Brought BricsCAD to its Knees

Bengaluru, India

This post is a continuation of my previous post and the support request / AnyDesk interaction with Bricsys and our BricsCAD Platinum user. This customer from Mumbai uses both Solidworks & BricsCAD Platinum and was facing an unpredictable, intermittent problem that was causing BricsCAD to simply not start. In other words, it was an instant crash on start of BricsCAD.

My first post on this problem was written when we had not yet zeroed in the solution, but now that we have, here is the addendum post, and the title says it all. The offender: NVIDIA Desktop Manager.

Owen Wengerd and Eugen Vilcu of Bricsys Technical support went through several crash reports and identified the problem at the customer end. The culprit was NVIDIA Desktop Manager. The solution was simple. We just un-installed NVIDIA Desktop Manager from Control Panel and everything was back to normal. This user in particular is a SolidWorks user also and the NVIDIA desktop manager software was installed as part of the graphics card installation.

Incidentally, uninstalling the NVIDIA Desktop Manager did not have any ill-effects on running either Solidworks or BricsCAD.

A lot of hair has been pulled trying to resolve problems of this kind and I hope this post will help users to quickly identify and resolve  these kinds of errors.

So, the next time you encounter problems of this kind in BricsCAD, you know what to look out for.

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