WAVE3D, a manufacturer of industrial stereolithography 3D printers announced Wave3D Pro

WAVE3D, a manufacturer of industrial stereolithography 3D printers announced  Wave3D Pro
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T​ORONTO, Canada, July 20, 2017 – WAVE3D, a manufacturer of industrial stereolithography 3D printers announced their first commercial product earlier this month, the Wave3D Pro. This debut product aims to be the world’s most financially accessible industrial 3D printer in the SLA space and is the result of over 2 years of development. Unlike many startups that have emerged over the years, a central part of Wave3D’s planning and development was a specific focus on the industrial or professional sector of the 3D printing market, rather than household or desktop space.

As such, Wave 3D is setting its sights on enterprise customers and specifically the area of rapid prototyping and design. Many industry reports show, enterprise and commercial applications have likely always been the only viable market for 3D printing activity. Some estimates have enterprise making up as much as 95% of the economic activity in 3D printing. Unfortunately, the hardware solutions on offer for enterprise needs still remain very expensive and quite large, out of reach for most small and medium sized companies needing to make the leap. The Wave3D Pro offers stunning resolution, a large bottom-up design and open material environment that aims to give professionals the types of technology that will allow them to stay competitive with changing times at a very accessible price.

“Today, large, industrial 3D printing is still a six-figure proposition for almost any company that wants to produce large, high quality parts,” said Ajay Deshmukh , co-founder and CEO. “In our early market research, large size, high quality, reliability and affordability remained a combination that was just not available. Compromises needed to be made, on either size, or materials available, or even with the orientations of prints in order to get the types of industrial output needed for enterprise applications. We simply asked ourselves, how could we deliver a final outcome that rivaled all aspects of an industrial printer, with the simplicity of a desktop.”

Design details and specs

The Wave3D Pro is a ground-up rethink of the capabilities needed for industrial prints. In order to achieve the build volume and high-quality available, many aspects of the bottom-up SLA process had to be re-engineered to provide the end user with a product they had truly been asking for. One key example of this exists in the proprietary build tray for the Wave3D Pro, which uses an optically clear film, not the traditional silicone you might find in similar desktop set-ups. This film can be replaced easily and quickly by users at a very low cost should it get damaged or overused. In addition, this technique provides no hazing and virtually no sticking so large flat surfaces can be printed with ease. The Wave3D Pro also has automatic resin circulation built directly into the tray, leveling and temperature control for resin so users can have a large external resin supply for any print, or as little as 1.5 liters. Users will no longer have to struggle with settling resin, or multiple expensive trays.

Wave3D is offering a resolution of (50 microns), with a build platform of 15.5 X 8.5 X 22 inches. All in a total footprint that easily fits through any door, is completely mobile and doesn’t require any specialized installation. On top of that, slicing and support generation software is open and either Autodesk Netfabb or DataTree3D Creation Workshop may be used. Wave3D wants to provide users with the most open experience possible for their design needs and that includes Materials, which are also open.

The Next Steps for Wave3D: partnership opportunities.

Wave3D has video’s of prints and print samples available for demonstration (links below). Currently, they have completed their commercial unit and have a working demonstration model able to be manufactured on a very small scale for which their pilot program would run. These small scale productions mean that currently the Wave3D Pro could be available for $60,000 USD.

Market surveys and discussions with leading re-sellers have reinforced the belief that the Wave3DPro remains a valued solution within the market. While pre-orders have been placed, the team at Wave3D is engaged with industry leaders and is actively seeking the right partnership, strategic investment or possible acquisition to ensure that enterprise testing, support and quality is maintained for any products it might bring to market prior to a formal launch. Wave3D remains engaged in conversations in these areas and hopes that with the right partnership, they will help dramatically shift accessibility of 3D printing technology for the industrial market.

For more information, or to reach the team, please reach the Wave3D team at ​info@wave3dpro.com.

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