VCollab drives Simulation Information with 2016 R1 release of VCollab Suite

VCollab drives Simulation Information with 2016 R1 release of VCollab Suite
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VCollab offers “smart” extraction and sharing of Simulation Information

Troy, MI, USA — Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab), the leader of 3D Simulation Information solutions and developer of VCollab software is proud to announce release 2016 R1 of the VCollab Suite. VCollab has been pioneering the intelligent transformation of simulation data and results into Simulation Information and this release of the VCollab suite clearly establishes VCollab as the leading technology for extracting meaningful Simulation Information that can be shared not only within the engineering process but also across the entire enterprise.


The ability to intelligently convert simulation results into Intelligent Simulation Information provides the following benefits to organizations that are using simulation as part of the design process:

  • Significantly enhances productivity of CAE analysts and efficiency of simulation processes
  • Dramatically improves collaboration between design and analysis teams enabling more informed design decisions
  • Allows effective enterprise wide access to Simulation Information


“Simulation is rapidly becoming a strategic asset for many organizations.” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VCollab. “VCollab 2016 R1 enables the ability to make Simulation Information readily available for improved design decision support. The smart extraction and sharing of Simulation Information provides benefits to everyone in the product development process”

The VCollab 2016 R1 Release provides the following enhancements and more to the VCollab Suite for improved smart extraction and sharing of Simulation Information:

  • Smart Batch extraction of Simulation Information with VCollab Pro and python scripts
  • Enhanced “hot spot” finder
  • Enhanced meta-data extraction for CAD models and CAE data and results
  • Extraction of boundary conditions from CAE input files with the option to display them as symbol plot
  • Enhanced Iso-Surface and section cut capability
  • Extended display options.
  • CSV file reader update to support nCode csv file exports
  • Expanded CAE data and results reading
  • Groups of parts can easily be searched and operated on
  • Tracer option to create trace curve for a selected node (for transient results)
  • Element result support for XY plot & symbol plot
  • Unicode Support

About Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab)

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab) is the leading provider of smart extraction and sharing of Simulation Information. In pursuit of these solutions, VCollab developed its flagship 3D CAX visualization software, VCollab, and associated common file format, .CAX, an ultra-compact, portable 3D format for storing CAE and CAD data. VCollab solutions helps manufacturing enterprises as well as CAE Vendors to easily reduce, visualize, mine and share the CAE data. In addition to the ultra-compact CAX format and the associated CAE smart VCollab viewers, VCollab enables to convert CAX data into 3D PDF, STL, VRML & JT formats, thereby providing a wide range of options for their users to share, process and unlock the potential of CAE data in many different ways. VCollab Viewers are very CAE smart and provides capabilities like automatic finding of hotspots, capabilities to compare 2 CAE models or CAE and CAD models (compare the differences in mesh/shape, compare the differences in results etc.). VCollab works with leading product development companies worldwide, including MDO and PLM/SDM/SLM/SPDM vendors to develop better CAE visualization, collaboration, sharing, documentation, and archiving solutions required by the expanding use of simulation in the industry today.

VCollab is a global company with resellers located in Asia, Europe, India and North America. For additional information about VCollab’s software products and services, please visit

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