VariCAD 2019-3.0 Released for Windows, Linux

VariCAD 2019-3.0 Released for Windows, Linux
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LIBEREC, Czech Republic, Jul 23, 2019 – VariCAD announces the release of a new version of its flagship product, VariCAD 2019-3.0. The new version contains the following features and enhancements:

  1. Substantial improvements in the opening of recently used files
  2. Multiple insertions of new solids, or copying of multiple solids together with additional Boolean operations (cutting, adding to a solid or creation holes for screws)
  3. Multiple new options for STL files output (3D printing)
  4. Better selection of sketching planes
  5. Improvements in the 3D kernel and STEP input

Recently used Files Dialog.

Dialog window selecting previously used files displays file preview, title and comments the same way as the file dialog window. You can easily switch between standard file dialog and recent files dialog windows. Although the list of recently used files is also created by Windows, VariCAD list is better manageable and mainly, it is created from files open by all methods (like opening from assembly scheme, by right-click a part, etc.). Recent files dialog can be used for opening or inserting files. Moreover, you can switch to this dialog within “Save as” or “Save selected” commands. Then, a file from history can be rewritten. For both open and save functions, you can also select a directory (folder) from the history list.

Multiple Copying or Insertion of New Solids together with Boolean Operations.

While inserting or copying solids or multiple solids, you can perform additional Boolean operations. Until recently, this was possible only for single insertions ore separately. This way, copied solids can be added to a selected solid in a single step, or can be cut from a selected solid. Also, you can insert screws (or other library parts) and create corresponding holes within insertion.

New Options for STL Files Output (3D Printing).

Now, you can create STL files with greater accuracy than before. Accuracy can be selected as previously, or can be also defined by dragging of sliders – this gives you a possibility to change accuracy smoothly. Moreover, you can display created triangles instead of saving them into files. This feature allows you to check the output data.

Legible Selection of Sketching Planes.

Moving cursor over options in the menu, corresponding planes are highlighted. Contours of XY, XZ or YZ planes are displayed for axes of entire space, as well as for axes of selected solid or selected solid element. Sketching planes can be selected if you click axes displayed in the lower-left corner of VariCAD window.

Improvements in 3D module.

Again, a few improvements were made in 3D modeling capability and loading STEP files. Now, VariCAD can also load objects from the STEP file described by facet representation.

*Important note for existing users: Now, sketching planes can be selected by click axes in the lower-left corner of VariCAD window (see above).

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