VariCAD 2019 2.0 Released for Windows, Linux

VariCAD 2019 2.0 Released for Windows, Linux
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LIBEREC, Czech Republic, Mar 4, 2019 – VariCAD announces the release of a new version of its flagship product, VariCAD 2019-2.0. The new version contains the following features and enhancements:

  1. Substantial improvements in file preview creation and display.
  2. Optional definition of folder image preview, files and folders descriptions.
  3. Improvements in part (detail) or sub-assembly editing in assembly environment.
  4. New possibilities in updates of 2D after changes of 3D (2D axes creation).
  5. Improvements in 3D kernel and surface (sheet metal) unbending.
  6. Windows Explorer can display content of VariCAD 3D files.
  7. Linux versions work with the latest SSL libraries.

Files and Folders Preview and Optional Description.

In VariCAD file-dialog, the preview window displays content of VariCAD file. The 3D content is created automatically whenever a file is saved. In the preview window, the image is displayed as a 3D shaded view. You can optionally select a view used for preview creation (zoom, pan, an angle of view, or basic views like front-view). Such an option can be selected individually for any file. Otherwise, the preview is created according to the current view, or using automatically “zoom all”. Zoom all vs. current zoom or surface color displaying in preview uses common settings shared by all files.

Apart from the 3D view of current file content, you can define a permanently used preview. The preview image is created from the 3D display or can be loaded as an existing PNG image format. The permanent preview remains the same independently on 3D objects changes. It may be especially useful for repeatedly inserted parts – user-created libraries after they are once created.

Similarly, you can create also a folder permanent preview. Permanent file preview image or folder preview image can be also saved into PNG format, edited outside of VariCAD and loaded back. Also, these permanent images can be loaded into VariCAD, if they are not created from 3D display content. Folder image preview may be created for folders containing VariCAD files.

You can also define a file or folder title and a comprehensive description.

Both file previews and folder previews together with titles and descriptions are displayed while browsing the content of file-dialog VariCAD window.

Displaying VariCAD 3D content in Window Explorer, File Associativity.

If you select view options of Windows Explorer as a medium, large or extra – large icons, these icons contain scaled preview image instead of VariCAD logo. Also, file associativity is created for supported file formats like 2D DWG, DXF or 3D STP. VariCAD icons are assigned to all supported formats. Icons assigned to different file types are distinguished by different colors.

New Options in Part (Detail) or Sub-assembly Editing in Assembly Environment.

To edit a single part inserted into lower-level sub-assembly, you can select it directly from 3D by the cursor. Press and hold Ctrl and move cursor over a sub-assembly. Then, individual parts are highlighted. The method is similar to the selection of solid elements. If you click the highlighted part, a panel appears and you can browse the structure of the corresponding sub-assembly. The primarily detected part is prominently listed at first line. By right-clicking, you can select editing in an assembly environment, display a sub-assembly tree structure or open the file. Left-click starts editing in an assembly environment.

New version allows you to select parts and sub-assemblies for editing in assembly environment also, if there are active sections in the current assembly or if a selected part (detail) or sub-assembly is sectioned.

Updates of 2D after 3D Changes – Additional Method of Axes Creation.

Another method of 2D axes upgradable after changes of the 3D model is available. You can easily create a pitch circle, optionally with center lines and individual radial axes of each circle located at pitch diameter. To create such axes, right-click a circle located at pitch diameter, select pitch circle creation and then, select optional creation of center lines and all radial axes. Pitch circle is created always. If 2D objects are created from 3D view, pitch-circle and axes dimensioning is automatically updatable after changes in 3D.

Improvements in the 3D module.

A few improvements were made in 3D modeling capability.

Sheet metal unbending.

If you create threaded holes at sheet metal and then the sheet metal part is unbent (Surface Development command), threaded holes are correctly displayed in the 2D drawing. Method of drawing of these threaded holes is the same as for 2D created from 3D view.

The latest SSL Libraries used in Linux Version.

An additional set of VariCAD Linux packages is available. These packages use the latest SSL libraries, so there are no problems with automatic VariCAD updates or detection of available updates.

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