VariCAD 2018 1.0 Released for Windows, Linux

VariCAD 2018 1.0 Released for Windows, Linux
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LIBEREC, Czech Republic, Nov 14, 2017 – VariCAD announces the release of a new version of its flagship product, VariCAD 2018-1.0. The new version contains following features and enhancements:

  1. Support of 3D mouse under Linux.
  2. VariCAD commands available from 3D mouse keys (buttons).
  3. Isometric views.
  4. 2D objects created from files containing XY coordinates.
  5. Improved user interface (virtual numerical-pad), basic solids.
  6. Changes in 3D kernel.
  7. Changes in STEP input/output of files.

Support of 3D Mouse under Linux, VariCAD commands called by 3D Mouse Buttons

3DConnexion devices now work also under Linux. However, not all models are supported by manufacturer.

3D mouse keys (buttons) call VariCAD commands. Higher models of 3D input devices are equipped by LCD displays, so the commands are displayed together with corresponding icons. Lower models use only buttons. For users working with such devices, see below. *)

Isometric Views

Apart of basic views (top view, front view…), VariCAD now offers also two isometric views – isometric view 1 is rotated around display Y axis counterclockwise, and isometric view 2 is rotated clockwise.

2D Objects Created from Text Files Containing XY Coordinates

In 2D area or during sketching, you can insert 2D objects described by set of XY coordinates. These coordinates are loaded from a text file, like *.txt or *.csv files (comma separated values). 2D objects created from coordinates are poly-lines, set of single lines connecting 2 points, NURBS interpolated from points (open NURBS or closed NURBS – seamlessly connected beginning and end), set of points and circles defined by XY coordinates of center and diameter or radius.

Improvements in User Interface

Whenever VariCAD display a panel containing an input text object (numerical input of values, for instance), you can right-click the input area. A pop-up menu appears. The first menu item is VariCAD virtual num- pad. If selected, you can enter values by mouse clicking instead of using keyboard.

For basic solids like a box, cylinder, pipe segment or operations like hole drilling or threaded holes, dialog panels are more legible.

Editing of diameters of full circles is now possible also by cursor dragging.

Changes in 3D Kernel

These changes make some operations faster and more reliable. They are next step following changes made in previous version.

*) Release notes for users working with 3DConnexion.

VariCAD functions available under 3D mouse buttons, in 3D mode, are:

  1. Center of view rotation, selected by cursor
  2.  Zoom all
  3.  View undo
  4.  Center of view rotation into display center

VariCAD functions available under 3D mouse buttons, in sketching mode, are:

  1. Center of view rotation, selected by cursor in sketching plane
  2. Zoom all, for 2D objects in sketching plane
  3. View undo, in sketching plane
  4. Sketching plane perpendicularly to view, adjusted to XY display axes

These commands are available for 3D mouse buttons. Higher models contain a display and up to 12 buttons. Then, the VariCAD functions are described at display. If you encounter any problems related to VariCAD functions, run “cfg” command, select Space mouse settings and then, click “Accept changed VariCAD keys”.

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