US Air Force Selects Pointwise’s Proposal for Geometry Kernel Support

US Air Force Selects Pointwise’s Proposal for Geometry Kernel Support
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FORT WORTH, TX, USA, Jun 25, 2018 – Pointwise’s Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal “Computational Geometry Kernel Support” has been selected for award negotiation by the U.S. Air Force. This nine-month, approximately $150,000 project will be a proof of concept effort aimed at developing a lightweight geometry kernel for use in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) flow solvers.


SBIR-Geometry-KernelThis geometry model of a conceptual sixth generation fighter aircraft includes more than 1,500 NURBS surfaces. For the purpose of mesh generation, they have been organized into meshable regions (quilts) as indicated by the colors. For the CFD flow solver to efficiently evaluate the geometry model, both the quilt topology and the NURBS surfaces have to be accessible.


Traditionally, CFD flow solvers have not had access to the geometry model, only the mesh built on it. Access requires a solid modeling and NURBS (non-uniform rational B-Spline) geometry kernel in order to work with the types of geometry models produced by modern computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Because CFD solvers consume large amounts of computing resources (for example, meshes with hundreds of millions of points), a geometry kernel for a CFD flow solver should be relatively fast and small. Mesh adaptation is one scenario in which a CFD flow solver would use a geometry kernel to ensure that points moved or inserted for solution accuracy remain constrained to the geometry model.

“Pointwise has developed its own geometry kernel over the past several decades,” said Nick Wyman, director of applied research. “Recently we launched Project Geode, a beta program through which we are sharing the core of our geometry kernel with select customers and partners. The Project Geode kernel, a 4th generation solid modeling and geometry kernel written in C++, will form the basis of the proposed effort.”

Subsequent to successful contract negotiation, work is expected to begin later in 2018. In the interim, Pointwise will continue with the Project Geode beta program about which more information can be found at

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