Ultimaker S3 3D Printer Available Now

Ultimaker S3 3D Printer Available Now
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BIRMINGHAM, UK, Oct 14, 2019 – Ultimaker, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, unveiled the Ultimaker S3, the latest addition to its S-line product family of 3D printers. The Ultimaker S3 offers turnkey production capacity so that anyone can achieve high-quality results. The affordable desktop 3D printer has composite-ready performance and an efficiently small footprint to fit easily on any desktop. Packed with the latest technology, the Ultimaker S3 offers disruptive businesses a cost-effective way to adopt and drive in-house 3D printing.


ultimaker_s3Ultimaker S3, an affordable, professional-grade 3D printer brings in-house production to any desk


The new Ultimaker S3 seamlessly integrates into Ultimaker’s open ecosystem. The feeder wheels are made of hardened steel and together with the CC print core, users can print with almost any 2.85 mm filament – such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, third-party materials and abrasive materials. Engineers can design, test, and produce models and custom end-use parts with the widest range of materials for their manufacturing needs. The wider nozzle coverage ensures that no space is wasted, which offers an increased build-volume-to-size ratio.

The Ultimaker S3 contains an award-winning touch interface and predefined print settings that facilitate more precise 3D printing as part of any workflow. A heated build plate, advanced active levelling, a stiffer build platform and accurate stepper drivers result in the highest print quality of a machine in this form factor. The dual filament flow sensors can detect empty filament spools in the Ultimaker S3 and will automatically pause print jobs so that users can immediately replenish materials and keep the machine running seamlessly.

“I am proud that we managed to pack all the latest breakthrough technology into a machine with the form-factor of the Ultimaker 3. The accessible Ultimaker S3 is capable of reliably manufacturing smaller parts and models at a price point that removes the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and SMEs to adopt 3D printing. Now, anyone who wants to start leveraging Ultimaker’s flexible, powerful 3D printing system can do so and make full use of all materials with print profiles available in the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura. We passionately believe that the ability for more businesses to affordably disrupt markets with rapidly developed, locally  manufactured parts and models, makes the Ultimaker S3 a no-brainer. And we’re excited to see how our customers take advantage of this new opportunity”, said, Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President Product Management at Ultimaker.

Availability and pricing

The Ultimaker S3 costs 3.995 Euros / 4.395 USD and is available starting September 24, 2019 through Ultimaker’s network of global partners. For more information, please visit our product page or read our blog post.

Innovate every day

Ultimaker continues to remove the final barriers in adopting desktop 3D printing. The company also launched its Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle offering global manufacturers a full automated 3D printing workflow tested for unattended use and 24/7 3D print capacity.

About Ultimaker

Since 2011, Ultimaker has built an open and easy-to-use solution of 3D printers, software and materials that enable professional designers and engineers to innovate every day. Today, Ultimaker is the market leader in desktop 3D printing. From offices in the Netherlands, New York, Boston, and Singapore – plus production facilities in Europa and the US – its global team of over 400 employees work together to accelerate the world’s transition to digital distribution and local manufacturing. For more information, visit https://ultimaker.com.

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