Tungaloy Launches TungJet, New Toolholders for High Pressure Coolant

Tungaloy Launches TungJet, New Toolholders for High Pressure Coolant

Tungaloy Corporation is pleased to introduce TungJet, innovative toolholders for high pressure coolant, which provide outstanding productivity.

In conventional coolant machining, it is sometimes difficult to deliver coolant accurately to the cutting point because the chips created during the operation interrupt smooth coolant supply. To solve this problem, TungJet supplies high pressure coolant from two directions: coolant is delivered directly to the cutting point through the toolholder’s top nozzle that is located very close to the cutting edge and to the insert’s clearance surface through the frontal coolant hole.

High pressure coolant supplied from the top nozzle forms short chips in machining of heat-resistant alloys that usually has trouble with chip control. Plus, coolant prevents crater wear from developing on insert’s rake face as the heat generated in the operation is dispersed, which results in stable tool life in high-speed cutting. Long tool life is also achieved by coolant from the frontal hole as coolant supplied to the cutting point prevents flank wear.

Even under normal coolant pressure with existing equipment, TungJet improves tool life, and the benefit can be enjoyed for stainless and alloy steels as well as heat-resistant alloys. This advanced tool series drastically increase efficiency and productivity especially in aerospace, automotive, and general machining industries.

In addition to tools for general external turning, TungJet is applicable for other tools which receive favorable reputation in the market, such as EcoTurn, the economical and functional tool line-up, DoMiniTurn and J-series for small-part machining, and covers a wide range of applications in various industries.

Main features:

  • High pressure coolant increases productivity by forming short chips in machining difficult-to-cut materials and gummy steels.
  • Coolant supplied to insert’s rake face and clearance surface extremely improves machining of various workpiece materials due to good chip control and strong wear resistance.

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