Tungaloy expands its wiper insert for high-feed cutter

Tungaloy expands its wiper insert for high-feed cutter

Tungaloy Corporation has recently expanded its wiper insert for DoFeed, the high-feed milling cutter.

DoFeed features inserts with low cutting force and close-pitch cutter bodies. This series enjoys high reputation especially in the die and mold industry for its ability to increase customers’ productivity.

Generally, high-feed cutting allows users to machine their workpiece materials efficiently but has a disadvantage in leaving rough surface finish. Thus, subsequent processes, such as semi-finishing and finishing applications, are usually required afterwards. In this respect, DoFeed was not an exception. Wiper insert is a new addition to the DoFeed series that solves this problem. It completely changes the common knowledge of high-feed cutting and upgrades the machining efficiency to an unprecedented level in the metalworking industry.

The new insert has a wide wiper edge in addition to the conventional main cutting edge. This combination provides excellent surface finish while maintaining the ability to machine at high feed rate. As a result, DoFeed wiper insert minimizes or even eliminates subsequent operations and drastically improves efficiency in the overall machining process.

Its main features include:

  • Good surface finish with no reduction in feed rate
  • Highly efficient machining due to elimination of semi-finishing or finishing applications
  • Double-sided insert with 2 corners total

Wiper insert also helps increase the machining efficiency in the subsequent semi-finishing and finishing applications themselves, depending on the required surface quality. With a rough surface finish, the depth of cut in the finishing operation varies greatly, and the tool life becomes unstable. With a good surface provided by the wiper insert, such variation in subsequent processes is reduced and results in stable tool life as well as reduction in the number of tool changes and machine downtime.

DoFeed wiper insert is an innovative tool that overcame a major problem many customers faced with increased feed rate. The product provides outstanding surface finish in high-feed machining, which will ultimately help customers reduce their total manufacturing cost.



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