TrueCAD 2020 Premium v91438 Released

TrueCAD 2020 Premium v91438 Released
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HYDERABAD, India, Jul 4, 2019 – TrueCAD is pleased to announce the release of TrueCAD 2020 Premium new version 91438. This is a general maintenance release with below mentioned improvements:




  1. Improved UI Theme and settings
  2. Fixed issues with some commands like hatch stretch, fillet, trim, extend, etc.
  3. Changed UCS colors to White in 2D model space and RGB in 3D model space
  4. Fixed some issues of PDF Printer installation and working
  5. Revised New Drawings Creation program to suit new Startup Page
  6. Added New Drawings program link to Startpage, File Menu, Quick access toolbar, etc.
  7. Fixed some issues with TrueCAD Installer and its payloads
  8. Added New help files with complete rebranding fo TrueCAD
  9. Revised TrueCAD Quick Start Guide with many new features
  10. Fixed some issues with License Transfer
  11. Fixed some crash issues with .NET CLR
  12. Fixed some issues with the license activation system
  13. Fixed the issue of objects disappearing from drawing after BEDIT command
  14. Fixex the issue of ORTHO and LWDISPLAY turned off during BEDIT session
  15. Fixed the issue of display error in BEDIT mode after changing UCS
  16. Fixed the issue of BLOCKEDITLOCK System variable
  17. Fixed the issue of Block icon not updated after Block changes
  18. Fixed the issue of improper command bar prompts after closing Block Editor
  19. Fixed the issue of BCLOSE showing message window before save
  20. Fixed the issue of BEDIT error while double-clicking Dynamic Blocks
  21. Changed mouse click behavior on Annotation Scale List Statusbar item
  22. Fixed the crash issue of canceling Layer Properties Filter Dialog
  23. Fixed the crash issue when changing color via the properties panel
  24. Made several improvements to TrueCAD build processes
  25. Fixed the issue of Default Splash screen after TrueCAD Registry clean

The new version can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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