Theorem Releases Visualize 3D CATIA V5i to JT v21.2

Theorem Releases Visualize 3D CATIA V5i to JT v21.2
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TAMWORTH, UK, Oct 4, 2018 – Theorem Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release V21.2 of our CATIA V5i to JT visualization solution – part of the Visualize 3D product suite.

Our CATIA V5i- JT is a uni-directional direct database converter between the Dassault Systems’ V5 modeling application and the JT file format used by the Siemens VisMockUp visualization product. It can be packaged with our JT-CATIA V5i to create a bi-directional product. It enables users to convert all forms of 3Dimensional mechanical design geometry and assembly data, together with system defined attribute and color information, between the CATIA V5 and JT systems.

Our CATIA V5i-JT visualization solution allows CATIA users to continue working whilst reading or writing JT data without needing access to their CATIA V5 licenses.

Licenses of vendor-specific CAD applications are expensive resources to purchase and to maintain. It doesn’t help when they are tied up for long periods of time on more design activities or when there aren’t enough available licenses to be able to multi-task different design projects.

It has been developed using the Spatial (Dassault Systemes) Interop Development Environment and supports all CATIA V5 revisions from V5 R15 to V5-6R2018, as well as all versions of JT. The new Theorem UI is supported for both interactive and batch processing.

New features and enhancements to the latest version include:

  1. The ability to process associated attribute data- non-graphical data such as materials and costs- and write it out into JT, providing a broader set of information that supports the CAD information.
  2. The ability to control the processing of properties by use of a property mapping file. This enables the user to manipulate and filter which attribute data is exported, protecting any IP data.
  3. An option to report mass property values into the progress file for review. Values such as volume, surface area and center of gravity are now being reported in an audit log, which can be used to validate the conversion process.

Our CATIA V5i-JT solution helps to increase the productivity of CATIA users by saving time whilst at the same time freeing up expensive CAD licenses.

Our strategic partnerships with Spatial (Dassault Systemes) and Siemens ensures that the latest releases of CATIA V5, JT and Theorem’s Visualise 3D products, allow us to continue to provide quality and robust data solutions to the CAD and Visualization communities.

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