Theorem Releases Visualize 3D CATIA V5 to JT v21.1

Theorem Releases Visualize 3D CATIA V5 to JT v21.1
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TAMWORTH, UK, Jul 25, 2018 – Theorem Solutions is pleased to announce the latest release of Visualize 3D CATIA V5 to JT solution.

V21.1 supports CATIA V5-6R2015 to CATIA V5-6R2018, as well as all versions of JT, up to and including 10.0.

Our Visualize 3D products are aimed at creating visualization data for users of digital mock-up, virtual reality or desktop applications and for companies wanting to share JT data as part of a collaboration process.

This uni-directional product can be licensed with our JT to CATIA V5 product to create a bi-directional translator.

V21.1 enables the CATIA V5 user to create a JT representation of their data and supports the translation of assembly structure, geometry, attributes, 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) (FTA) (GD&T) and Metadata. It can also be used as a data exchange format for leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems which support JT. By efficiently and accurately creating PMI data it facilitates Model Based Definition (MBD) processes.

V21.1 also includes:

  1. A new single JT configuration file that supports all translation requirements from (supported) CAD to JT, removing the requirement for multiple files – saving time and reducing possible error.
  2. The ability to use standard CATIA V5 menus to select Theorem configurations created using the Theorem Configuration Manager or from within the Theorem Unified Interface.
  3. Export JT files directly from within CATIA V5 using the standard ‘File > Save As’functionality which helps to reduce the risk of error using familiar menu’s.

Using JT with additional 3D PMI data as part of a Model Based Definition process allows the user to reduce the overall design costs associated with the creation of conventional 2D drawings.

Sharing CATIA V5 data using the neutral ISO standard JT format allows organisations to protect the intellectual property of their designs while allowing users to explore the shape to more easily understand the 3D definition. The IP protection can be enhanced by restricting the JT representation to be tessellated data only.

Our strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and Siemens ensures that there is parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5 and JT, and Theorem’s Visualize 3D products, allowing us to continue to provide data solutions for CATIA V5 users wanting to create JT data.

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