Theorem Launches

Theorem Launches
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TAMWORTH, UK, Nov 15, 2018 – Theorem Solutions is pleased to announce that is live now!

Launched specifically for our Digital Realities product suite supporting the latest immersive XR technologies (Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality).


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Learn how to use your 3D CAD and PLM assets in the latest data and device agnostic task-focused experiences for Design, Manufacturing and Production, as well as the complementing and innovative Visualization Pipeline technology.

The Visualization Pipeline is a server-based technology that rapidly processes and delivers CAD and PLM assets to both Theorem’s Experiences, or your own Experiences and Applications, optimized and output for consumption by a range of applications – 3D Engines, Photorealistic Rendering, Styling and Lightweight viewers.

Our Digital Realities suite enables engineering and manufacturing companies to leverage and work with existing 3D CAD and PLM assets at full scale in a 3D spatial context (spatial computing), helping to improve processes and reduce the cognitive gap that exists between the real and digital worlds.

Our AR, MR, and VR experiences are available for a wide range of low cost, portable devices – tablets, smartphones and Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s). And because they are data and device agnostic, you can use the same data across all devices.

Having data and device neutrality will protect your CAD and PLM investments even as technologies and devices develop and change.

Our Digital Realities product suite for XR is bringing a new dimension to traditional collaboration methods.

To support the launch of Theorem Solutions have commissioned a White Paper that is available to download “The Next Frontier of Collaboration”.

To download the white paper, please visit:

Visit and start your Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality journey!

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