The Third Party Showroom @ Bricsys 2019 Conference

The Third Party Showroom @ Bricsys 2019 Conference

Sweden, Stockholm

Bic_tedTed Rossdale – part of our Collective

The Bricsys Conference 2019 was all about show-casing the new features of V20 as well as The Collective – the famed partner network of Bricsys partners, who are equally, if not more responsible for the success story of Bricsys. It is no secret that BricsCAD has the second highest number of add-ons amongst all .dwg software platforms, and may soon jump to #1 position as many seem starting to ditch the well-know “OtherCAD Company”.

I attribute this streak, unique to Bricsys, mainly to CEO Erik de Keyser and his developer team, who have walked the extra mile many times over, again and again, to make this happen. It was not an overnight result, and a relationship growth that has come by a thousand stitches.

The trend still continues and the canvas has grown bigger and so are the nature and engagement of partners now.

So, we now have big names like Leica Geosystems, HoK, AX3000 showcase their stuff inside and outside the conference hall, and many others as well.

Here is a quick round-up (partial list only, as much as I could grab during a coffee break):

Artifex – Steel Reinforcements and more

The Key Partner Collective

The Transportation Specialists – CGS Labs, Slovenia

Civil Site Design
from Australia : Miles Ahead!

, made simple by this company from Slovenia!

from Auatralia, an old-timer with BricsCAD




On the floor outside, at coffee breaks, we got to speak to a number of partners, some new and some existing and familiar faces on the Bricsys circuit. With more customer footfalls at this year’s event, many of the partners witnessed a better engagement with end-users.


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Key Contacts: rakesh.rao(at) / +91-9243438300 / +91-8073279755

Follow us on Twitter:

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