The Pied Piper of Bricsys Draws a Beeline of Autodeskers to His Fold

The Pied Piper of Bricsys Draws a Beeline of Autodeskers to His Fold

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a story we grew up reading as children, in which the titular character leads an army of rats that had infested a city, and thus magically cleans the city of its problem.

A very distant connection but something analogical seems to be happening in the .dwg CAD world. As Autodesk struggles to keep its bottom-line intact and seems to crumble under its own self-weight, we see a beeline of senior Autodeskers leave company and join Bricsys.



Erik de Keyser (L) with his senior technical honchos: CTO Luc de Batselier (M) & Hans de Backer (R)

And who is the Pied Piper this time? It is none other than the Kaizer of Bricsys, CEO Erik De Keyser whose clearly articulated vision and his ability to make it a reality is what driving BricsCAD today to its life-time high in terms of mind and market-share. Of course, all of this would not have been possible but for the dedicated management and technical team of the most passionate developers and innovators that is core to the Bricsys DNA. And, let us not forget the countless reseller partners across the world who have tirelessly done the dirty work of taking BricsCAD in its last mile and ensured that trust was delivered to the customer before and after the software is sold.

If all .dwg alternative software were equal, as many un-informed customers and industry watchers think, this cream of talent from Autodesk would have well gone to half-a-dozen other companies that are out there peddling .dwg compatible software.

The fact that the top notch is only heading to Bricsys itself is a testament to the dream run that Bricsys is driving, under the able stewardship of CEO Erik De Keyser.


Lynn Allen tweets as she makes a guest appearance on the BricsCAD UnPlugged show earlier today

The Bricsys brand marketing team got together and did a live show on facebook earlier today. And the surprise guest visitor to the show with none other than ex-Autodesker, Lynn Allen. Nothing more was said, but need we say anything more!

It was Heidi Hewett earlier this year and now, although Lynn Allen has not joined Bricsys, she has been making her presence felt in the Bricsys ecosystem on more than one occasion. Don Strimbu and a bunch of other veterans in Bricsys have been senior Autodeskers earlier.

As a brand, BricsCAD has taking its time to rise and get noticed. The solid foundation and roadmap laid by the Bricsys team in Ghent as well as the developers in Romania and Russia is now there for everyone to see.

The most interesting part of the journey has just begun!

Earlier today, Don Strimbu & Heidi Hewett of Bricsys joined Matt Olding (also from Bricsys) and Robert Green and of four leading CAD veterans now in Bricsys.

If you want to be part of the BricsCAD journey, please do register and join us at the Bricsys 2018 conference in London, which promises to be like nothing before. In fact, every conference in the last 5 years has consistently delivered something out-of-the-ordinary, both on the entertainment side and the CAD-BIM technology side.

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