The BricsCAD Australasia 2019 Conference Debuts for the First Time : Brisbane Calling Ahoy!!

The BricsCAD Australasia 2019 Conference Debuts for the First Time : Brisbane Calling Ahoy!!

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Call it the HEXAGON effect, and the rapidly fastest growing .dwg CAD-BIM-3D modeling platform, the BricsCAD User conference is now debuting in Brisbane, Australia for the first time ever.

And this is an officially stamped conference like the yearly annual version-release Octoberfest conference in Europe. The Australasia 2019 conference has the top management of Bricsys in attendance with senior representatives from HEXAGON PPM, the brand new owners of Bricsys NV.

Dozens of local BricsCAD events and mini-conferences have been conducted by various resellers and sales partners across the world, for many years now.

The Australasia 2019 conference is a clear vindication of BricsCAD’s rising popularity in extended markets where it no longer is an esoteric software flying under the radar, but one that is making CAD community’s heads turn, sit up and take notice.

The inaugural Australasia BricsCAD Conference (ABC2019) is to be held on the 19th March 2019 at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). Come join us to learn the ABCs of BricsCAD!

ABC2019 is for Engineering Managers, CAD Managers, BIM Managers, Architects and Designers across all disciplines. If you are using CAD or are wanting a better option to meet the growing requirements for BIM, then this is the conference for you.

What to expect at the conference?


The Who’s-Who of Bricsys HQ and the Sales brigadiers on-field in Australia and New Zealand are the prime drivers of this 1-day event.

The agenda of this 1-day event is to show-case the BricsCAD V19 BIM-CAD-3D platform to new and existing users in a light that has never been seen before. It is not just the new features of V19, but the new vision of Bricsys under the HEXAGON umbrella.

You can hear Bricsys CEO Erik de Keyser spell out the roadmap for BricsCAD and key technology evangelists like Heidi Hewett, Jason Bourhill and Damian Harkin takes us through all that is new in V19, and more.

Some practical Info for the attendees


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