CAD, CAE Webinars – an affordable and highly effective way of delivering training!

CAD, CAE Webinars – an affordable and highly effective way of delivering training!

Web is growing. Companies are getting social, use social media and other online tools to promote services, share knowledge, launch new products.

Compared to blog post or a YouTube video I think Webinars are a best way to demonstrate your expertise and give your company’s value to customer who really want to know everything before making their purchase or learn more about product after purchase. Conducting webinars is an incredible way to get your service information out with very less overhead cost.
The companies conducting webinars must keep in mind that the agenda should not merely to advertise their company and products.  The agenda of the webinar must be clear with the title. 90% of the attendees decide on registration of the webinar just by looking at the title. There are good webinar hosting services available with very less fees charged to conduct it.
Few reasons the CAD, CAM, CAE, CFD webinars becoming popular are,
Education, Knowledge sharing and Training:
The CAD, CAE vendors and their VARs conduct webinars regularly, keeping in the mind the target audience. They conduct webinars from basic to advance topics. Like PTC conducts webinars on basic topics like “Introduction to Creo Parametric” to more advance topics on Mathcad, Windchill and on specific modules like “Manufacturing in Creo Parametric”.
The companies like MSC Software covers advance topics on composite materials, aerospace targeting CAE Analysts or engineering managers. Similarly, ANSYS conducts the advance topic webinars, the topics and the presenters that webinars have are unmatchable. No institute can afford to have such knowledgeable speakers to train users, the training content in webinars is far better than that is taught in training institutes.
The main advantage over watching a video on same topic is that the attendees can join in for a LIVE Q&A and get answers from experts.
Almost, all CAD, CAE, CFD vendors are offering webinars every day. One should check the time before registering for the webinar.  You also have option to convert time to your local time. Few webinars are offered at IST (Indian Standard Time).
Companies offer systematic calendar for the webinars, like PTC, Autodesk, DS SolidWorks and ANSYS. So, it’s easy to find required topics on single page.
Conducting webinars and attaining it is more convenient then attaining the seminars or conferences. One just need an internet connection, anyone can attain it, let it be office, hotel or house thru PC, Laptop, Tab and Smartphone.
Brand Awareness and Promotion:
It is possible that you may not get the hefty response at start. Good way to start with your existing customers, promote it on social networks and other advertising media. It helps in creating brand awareness among the attendees while being able to deliver critical information regarding the product or service being presented. Companies directly get connected to customers through this, potential customers are able to ask questions about the product and service while gaining knowledge about it.
Webinars help in networking with the potential customers.  The attendees also get chance to connect with the host, speakers. The sign up page of webinar must have an email contact, mobile number and demographics. This allows companies to generate a potential client and invite them for future webinars on similar topics.
On demand Webinars/Recorded Webinars:
These webinars are generally recorded version of the webinars held previously. It is good way to access them anytime you want. Many times if attendee missed webinar he/she can play the recorded version. The training departments of companies and design institutes must consider such pre-recorded webinars to train their manpower or students.
heck this on-demand webinars by Autodesk and SolidWorks
Few webinars are conducted on IST, most are conducted from US/Europe on their time. It may be late night here in India. It’s great to see some SolidWorks re-sellers, BricsCAD, ANSYS, Autodesk India conducting webinars for Indian design professionals and engineering students. Hope other follows them.

Webinars benefits both – host and the attendees!!

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