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Interview: Mr. Tamilvanan Director – Sales & Marketing Graebert discusses Competitive Strengths, Real Business Opportunities for Graebert Software
0 comments, 30/10/2018, by in Interviews

Good morning Mr.Tamilvanan, How are you doing? Gm Sachin, I am doing well. Thank you for enquiring. In hindsight, lots of happy & successful business days are ahead for Graebert. Having known that you have joined Graebert (Congratulations), Can you please elaborate your role? Thank you.... Read more...

A Conversation with Mr. Massimo Vergerio VISI Brand Manager – Vero Software Sees India as Major Growth Driver for their CAD, CAM Solutions

Vero Software software recently conducted their VISI CAD, CAM Conference for Mold and Die Professionals 2017 in Pune. Over 270 delegates attended the event. This event served as a platform for users to understand VISI product portfolio, roadmap, key release highlights, hands-on training sessions ... Read more...

Interview with Mr. Dominic Gallello, President & CEO, MSC Software and  Mr. Sridhar Dharmarajan, Country Manager India, MSC Software

MSC Software, the worldwide leader in multi-discipline simulations recently conducted their MSC India User Conference 2015. Over 400 delegates attended the event in Pune, India. This annual event serves as a platform for users to understand MSC’s product roadmaps, key release highlights etc. and t... Read more...

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