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SpaceClaim Acquisition by ANSYS, What Does it Means ?

SpaceClaim Acquisition by ANSYS, What Does it Means ?

SpaceClaim acquisition by ANSYS was highly anticipated news in CAx space. Both the companies were working together before and have synergy to provide greater value jointly to the end customers.

In the past ANSYS has successfully acquired many good CAx companies. They have been equally successful in integrating the products. CFX, ICEMCFD and FLUENT are three major examples. I also came to know ANSYS had share of few bad purchases. But overall their inorganic growth strategy of merger and acquisition has worked well. ANSYS has grown tremendous in terms of market value in past one decade.

However when I started to explore further, I had few intriguing points to ponder. Let me share the points and my thought about them:

  • First of kind acquisition : In our industry mainly CAD/PLM companies generally acquire CFD/CAE/CAM companies. This would be the first time, a major simulation company is acquiring CAD companies. CAD people always considers CAD as a mother of all CAx technologies and CAx is generally nice to have thing. So is this reversal of CAD to CAx ? Had children outgrown the parent ? Can we now say “Simulation is no more Future, It is Now” ?
  • 1+1=1 : Whenever there is merger we see this to be equation. Like you can not have two CEO you can not have two products. Mostly the stronger one wins. I am here not talking about CEO or teams of ANSYS or SpaceClaim, my interest is in products. When ANSYS acquired FLUENT, GAMBIT and T-Grid got replaced by ICEM CFD. Similarly FLUENT solver become the primary fluid solver. Although ANSYS and SpaceClaim have different product portfolio, Design Modeler could take back seat. SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is powerful 3D modeller. Most probably the next version of Design modeler would be SpaceClaim Direct Modeler with CAE Connection/Feature module.
  • Upfront CAE : Now a days every CAD company such as Autodesk, SolidWorks, DS offers CAD integrated CFD/CAE simulation. This is one of area where ANSYS was lacking till now. With the SpaceClaim Direct Modeler, ANSYS may bring new low cost and CAD integrated CAE products. Many small companies can neither afford costly CAE software nor complex workflow. This may open up the new vertical application space with modeling+simulation capabilities.
  • What next ? : ANSYS has posted robust growth. This is just the beginning of its expansion. I believe in coming time period it would acquire lot more companies and products. What would be those ? I think this is the difficult question. I would love to hear your idea’s on this.

CCTech is ANSYS customer. My only hope as a ANSYS customer would be that they keep on giving the good value to the customer without extra burden. Also hopefully they don’t discard the old products and risk customer investment.

I know many of you may disagree on some of theses points, so let’s have discussion.

Guest writer Mr.Sandip Jadhav is an entrepreneur in CAx space. He co-founded Centre for Computational Technologies – CCTech, Zeus Numerix and LearnCAx

Follow him here by clicking the FOLLOW button above, on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sandipnjadhav

About Sandip Jadhav

Director and Chief Executive Officer, LearnCAx. B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering - Dr B.A.T.U., Lonere M.Tech. - Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay
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