SolidThinking Inspire 2017, Evolve 2017

SolidThinking Inspire 2017, Evolve 2017
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TROY, MI, Dec 8, 2016 – The new feature-packed release of the solidThinking Design Suite consisting of solidThinking Inspire 2017 and solidThinking Evolve 2017 is now available.


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For the 2017 release, the product teams employed a tireless focus on both improving current product usability, as well as adding multiple new features that have been requested by customers. Jim Hassberger, president of solidThinking noted, “We are incredibly proud of the 2017 releases. Inspire was the first tool to market that focused on putting generative design in the hands of design engineers and it continues to be a world-class product. The latest release definitively positions it to be a leader for years to come. Evolve’s flexibility and combination of polygonal, solid parametric, and organic surface modeling, as well as built in rendering and construction history make it one of the fastest and most flexible design tools on the market today.”

“With Inspire 2017, we improved our already great generative design product Inspire, by adding motion tools that enable design engineers to investigate system motion to predict loads for moving parts,” explained Andy Bartels, program manager. “Never before has it been so easy to mechanize a model or perform a motion analysis.”

Doug Hedges, president of Sintavia, LLC., notes, “Inspire does what few programs can; it takes a complex process and makes it easy to understand. My whole team was able to use the program after just a few hours of training and it has led to dramatic time savings in the design process.”

Key Updates to Inspire 2017 include:

  • The new motion tool allows users to easily mechanize their models and investigate system motion to predict loads for moving parts.
  • The topography optimization tools can be used to change shapes of shell structures by introducing stamped bead patterns for better structural performance.
  • Updated partition tools allow users to divide a part into design and non-design regions by selecting a hole, pocket, or face to offset.
  • The bolt pretension tool allows users to achieve more accurate results when bolts are under pretension.

Evolve’s hybrid modeling system has been updated with a number of new enhancements and tools primarily based on customer requests. Program manager for Evolve, Darren Chilton noted, “Our goal for this release was to focus on our customers and improve the usability of the software giving them more freedom than ever before.”

“Evolve in particular is a powerful software for enabling designs in our fast-paced development environment. It helps me gain speed not only in bringing design concepts to life, but also in driving fast iteration loops with the development team,” mentioned Jens Andersson design lead, Philips.

Key Updates to Evolve 2017 include:

  • New planar symmetry and radial symmetry tools have been added to replace the mirror and polar copy tools.
  • All images which are rendered inside Evolve now include a depth channel (tiff). This Z-depth channel can now be saved in the image browser and used in post-processing tools such as Adobe Photoshop to simulate the natural blurring of foreground and background scene elements when viewed through a camera lens.
  • New and improved import/export for SVG, PDF 2D, DWG, and DXF formats.
  • New length parameter for the line tool and rounded polyline tool.
  • Improved curve offset tool to work directly on surface edges.

Inspire 2017 and Evolve 2017 are available through more than 200 channel partners worldwide, and through Altair’s patented HyperWorks licensing model.

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solidThinking deploys a relentless focus on delivering innovative technology with a streamlined user experience. Its tools empower users and organizations to make informed decisions and design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver amazing products to market faster than ever before. solidThinking’s tools are sold and supported through a global network of industry and domain experts. solidThinking is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair where its products are also available through the Altair HyperWorks suite.

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