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Solid Edge ST 9 New Features Preview – Part I

Solid Edge ST 9 New Features Preview – Part I

Guest post by – Mr. Tushar Suradkar – Pune, India – *Exclusive article on DailyCADCAM

Traditionally a new release Solid Edge has been launched at a Solid Edge University. This year saw a break in this trend with Solid Edge ST 8 being released several months ahead of Solid Edge University 2015. This gave users to test and use ST 8 extensively before they gather for the annual event and explore ST8 features in greater depth. This phase out was however balanced by a sneak preview of some key Solid Edge ST 9 features at the end of the closing ceremony on the last day of SEU 2015. Guest blogger Tushar Suradkar who attended SEU 2015 in Cincinnati in the last week of October gives a sneak preview of the most exciting features slated for Solid Edge ST 9.

1.  Revision Manager 2.0

 This is perhaps a unique case in the history of any MCAD program that a prominent feature of the software which has been around since its version 1.0 was updated after nearly 20 years and 28 releases later. The Revision Manager packed a punch of useful functionality for basic document management within Solid Edge. The Revision Manager makes for a unique case among competing MCAD programs in that it always came free with al revision management tools bundled.


The only down-side of Revision Manager is its clumsy user interface and un-friendly workflow. There was lot of discussion and debate over the official Solid Edge User Forum which mostly revolved around complaints and un-happiness about the UI and tricky workflows inside the Revision Manager.

Solid Edge development perhaps has got some time out of building the pioneering Synchronous Technology to update this heavily used tool. Revision Manager 2.0 will also allow comparison of two drawing revisions.

With Solid Edge ST 9, Revision Manager 2.0 will have:

·         A complete User Interface uplift.

·         Ability to manage file properties directly in a table.

·         Streamlined common workflows like Copy, Rename, Replace, Revise, etc.

2. SolidWorks Drawing Migration


This functionality already exists in Solid Edge and ST 9 has increased capability in terms of family of assemblies, family of parts and materials.

Solid Edge drawings are now fully associative and will automatically update on model change.

3. Customization and Preference Management


This will make the life of CAD administrators much easy in that entire UI customizations and user settings can be copied from one computer to other.

A wizard will let users save current Solid Edge settings and preferences to a zip file which can be used to replicate it on other machines. Once a set of features is created and fine-tuned to company standards on a machine, the same can be easily packed and redistributed enterprise wide on user machines.

4. Support for High Resolution Monitors

Solid Edge has settings for scaling up all the ribbon buttons to double their size.


Also Solid Edge has an option to display a ribbon button as Large which shows the same button in a bigger size but it does not allow specifying a separate image for the big button which results in a pixellated icon. 


The new support for large monitors perhaps would address these problems. I use only a 17” monitor with default resolution of 1024 x 768, hence no idea really how its going to improve display for large monitors that support 4k resolution. But this one is going to be interesting since it has been in demand for a long time.


5. A Tabbed Document UI 

A tabbed UI for open files is seen most prominently in Inventor and web browsers, but Solid Edge additionally will have a context menu on the file tab which will allow closing and copying path of the current document among other quick options.

The last option Open Containing Folder was already made available as a macro by Solutions Partner CADVertex called Explore This


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About Author -


Tushar Suradkar is owner of CADVertex Solutions and a CAD Blogger based in Pune. He has been writing about CAD programming since last 20 years. His blog -www.SurfAndCode.in

About Tushar Suradkar

CEO and Founder CADVertix Pune. BE Mechanical from JNEC www.cadvertex.com
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