SmartDesigner PCB Software @ IESA Vision Summit

SmartDesigner PCB Software @ IESA Vision Summit
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Bengaluru, India


In September 2018, Coimbatore-based Pramura Software launched their SmartDesigner PCB designer software in India at the IPCA Expo in Bengaluru.

A company that has broken the mould and punched above its weight, Pramura’s SoftDesigner software has come a long way from the version that was shown during it debut.

The folks from Pramura told me that the software is now being used for real-time design and live projects outisde their office also.

SmartDesigner now is an integrated design and manufacturing assistance platform, aimed exclusively at the niche world of PCB manufacturing. With growing embedded electronics and bespoke designs that can be conceptualized and built quickly, PCB Design is a large market that is just about evolving to unlock the newest opportunity in the current date and time.

What makes SmartDesigner unique is that it is a home-grown software that is ‘Made-In-India’. And it comes from a reputed industry house that has perfected this art (or science or both) for over 20 years, serving as the back-end partner for some of the leading electronics giants of Japan and USA. Building and selling a product is a different ball-game altogether, and this thought never occurs to most service providers in the out-sourcing game that India necame notable for. Pramura Software thought beyond and crystalized their experiences into SmartDesigner. India is a unique market, which is dotted by a secular spread of electronics industries – from large public sector organizations to MNCs to a fast growing segment in the MSME space, that also includes new generation startups. These new sunrise industries need the ability to test their designs, validate it and and optimize it to fit into the constraints of an evert shrinking PCB board dimensions (the real estate). The SmartDesigner does it all.

To get down to the details – the nuts and bolts of what the SmartDesigner team has been all these days, since our last coverage, I sat with Naresh Kumar and a technical resource of Pramura to understand what is new in version 2.7 that they were showing at the event today. The improvements and enhancements are in the area of productivity improvements, which is clearly something that has been observed and added after real-time feedback from the real users in the industry.

Making new PCB layouts, designing pads and getting the complete quantities and network trace parameters is much easier than ever before.

It has been a great experience looking at SmartDesigner and their journey so far and we wish them them good luck in future!

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