SimuTech to Sell Rocky DEM in North America

SimuTech to Sell Rocky DEM in North America

ROCHESTER, NY, USA, Sep 8, 2017 – SimuTech Group, Inc. and Rocky DEM have signed a distribution agreement that will allow SimuTech Group, Inc. to sell the powerful 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program across the U.S. and Canada.




“Rocky DEM will help our clients get accurate evaluations quickly, minimising the time and costs involved in physical testing during product development,” says Rick James, SimuTech Group President. “With Rocky DEM, SimuTech Group’s clients will be able to simulate the flow behaviour of different shaped and sized particles within a conveyor chute, mill, mixer, or other materials handling equipment. This would include granular particle behaviour such as ore, pharmaceutical pills, and potatoes,” James explained. It is also the first commercially available solver to support multi-GPU processing, a powerful feature that aims to revolutionise processing performance and pave the way for solving bigger simulations faster.

An engineering services company, SimuTech Group is also an Elite Channel Partner for ANSYS in the U.S. and Canada. A key benefit of Rocky DEM is its integration with ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS CFD, according to James. “The coupling with ANSYS Mechanical and Fluent makes this integrated tool a seamless addition to the current workflow,” said James. “Rocky adds significant capability depth in certain key industries for SimuTech’s current clients in sectors like food processing, pharmaceuticals, energy, and mining.”

“With this partnership, we believe SimuTech Group clients will be able to perform particle simulations much closer to reality than ever. Moreover, it will be an important increase to our presence in terms of territory and customer service, since SimuTech Group has a strong presence in the North America market with 13 office locations,“ said Dr. Rahul Bharadwaj, Vice President of Rocky Business Development and Technical Services.

“The technology and technical support behind Rocky are outstanding. With the ability to solve millions of particles on parallel GPUs, this is the state of the art in Discrete Element Modeling,” James said.

About SimuTech Group

SimuTech Group, Inc. is a full-portfolio engineering services company specializing in ANSYS finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and electromagnetic simulation software as well as turbomachinery and testing services. SimuTech Group is the largest provider of ANSYS FEA, CFD, and electromagnetic engineering simulation software in North America with offices across the US and Canada providing sales, technical support, training, and consulting. For more information, visit

About Rocky

Rocky DEM is an advanced engineering program that uses Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) to predict the behavior of bulk solids and aids in the efficient design and optimization of material handling equipment and industrial processes. Rocky is capable of simulating realistic convex and concave particle shapes, particle breakage, boundary surface reduction due to wear, sticky and dry material contact laws, multiphysics, and more. Its explicit DEM solver uses either multi-core CPUs alone, or can be combined with single or multi-GPU processing to drastically reduce computational run times. For more information,visit

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