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Siemens Releases Kineo v7 for Robotics Simulation

Siemens Releases Kineo v7 for Robotics Simulation

PLANO, TX, USA, Apr 17, 2019 – Siemens Digital Industries Software has released the latest version (version 7.0) of Kineo software components to provide new simulation capabilities in robotics/machine automation.


Flow Line, Premium Aerotec, Augsburg, 22.05.2017


Highlights include:

  1. KineoWorks – new trajectory simulation/optimization tools and accelerated robot scenario development/verification
  2. Kineo Flexible Cables – enhanced dress pack simulation with cable retraction systems
  3. Kineo Collision Detector – improved performance and new point cloud-wireframe tests
  4. KineoWorks Interact – new and improved tools for developing Kineo-enabled applications quickly and easily

Full details are available on our community site: Kineo version 7.0 releases.

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