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Siemens PLM Releases LMS Imagine.Lab v14

Siemens PLM Releases  LMS Imagine.Lab v14
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Siemens PLM Software has released version 14 of its LMS Imagine.Lab™ software. Geared toward multi-domain system simulation, LMS Imagine.Lab platform offers an open development approach starting from functional modeling to detailed design. The platform consists of three modules: LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim™ software, LMS Imagine.Lab Sysdm software and LMS Imagine.Lab System Synthesis software.


The newly released LMS Imagine.Lab 14 brings a broad range of enhancements aimed at ensuring a smooth user experience through all phases of the design cycle. To meet the needs of increasingly complex transverse engineering organizations LMS Imagine.Lab 14 continues the trend toward openness which is a key element in streamlining collaborative work. To facilitate model-based systems engineering, LMS Imagine.Lab provides an improved architecture-based configuration environment.


Development efforts have concentrated on improving usability and efficiency. New methodology guides and process-related features of LMS Imagine.Lab help design better products within a shorter timeline. A set of enhanced capabilities supporting controls validation, real-time simulation and central processing unit (CPU) time reduction enables users to easily address engineering challenges when designing both mechanical parts and controls.


There are pictures attached here which may be of interest to you.


Pict_1: For automotive and ground vehicles, LMS Imagine.Lab 14 delivers significant improvements for advanced subsystems modeling and key vehicle attribute optimization.

Pict_2: For aerospace and defense, LMS Imagine.Lab 14 brings numerous advanced features to support aircraft subsystems design and integration optimi­zation through virtual aircraft modeling.


More Information:

LMS Imagine.Lab Overview

LMS Imagine.Lab 14

What’s New in LMS Imagine.Lab 14 for Automotive and Ground Vehicles Factsheet

What’s New in LMS Imagine.Lab 14 for Aerospace and Defense Factsheet



What’s New in LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim 14 for Automotive and Ground Vehicles Video

What’s New in LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim 14 for Aerospace and Defense Video

What’s New in LMS Imagine.Lab Sysdm and System Synthesis 14 Video


Customer Quote:

“LMS Imagine.Lab 14 helps Doosan Infracore improve engine mount development by using the vertical powertrain mount optimization app,” said Kwanghyeon Seo, an associate research engineer from the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) team at Doosan Infracore. “LMS Imagine. Lab 14 has an outstanding user interface and graphical display.”


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