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Siemens India Launches MindSphere Application Center in Gurgaon for Coal, Steam-based Power Plants

Siemens India Launches MindSphere Application Center in Gurgaon for Coal, Steam-based Power Plants
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NEW DELHI, India, Mar 7, 2019 – Siemens has launched a new MindSphere Application Center, a state-of-the-art digitalized technology Center, supported by Siemens’ MindSphere, an open, cloud-based IoT operating system that lets customers connect machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world and its thermodynamic digital twin. The MindSphere Application Center launched in Gurgaon, is the first in the world, specifically aimed at digital solutions for coal and steam-based power plants. It will offer technologies such as Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS), performance optimizer, remote maintenance, power plant management, a digital whiteboard and will act as a platform for an agile way of working with virtual collaboration, customer co-creation and open culture.

Siemens will be offering solutions from its Omnivise digital services portfolio and work closely with ecosystem partners and digitalization consultants to address the core issues facing the power sector and develop answers to these issues using digital solutions and engaging with key stakeholders. In addition, Siemens will be co-creating specific solutions with the customers on steam and coal plant requirements such as coal blending solutions, augmented reality, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, virtual reality for training, outage planning based on grid trends and more.

India has the third largest coal-fired capacity in the world and delivers more than 944 Billion Units (BU) from coal out of the total of approximately 1150 BU electricity per year to the grid. Aging power plants have been a concern with ambitious renewable energy installation and growing mandated targets. Due to these trends, power plant operators are looking for higher efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in operations.

“At the MindSphere Application Center in Gurgaon, the digital solutions of tomorrow will be developed in direct collaboration with our customers in the power sector,” said Tim Holt, CEO, Siemens Power Generation Services. “It provides the ideal environment for co-creating innovative digital solutions adapted to optimize customers’ asset value and performance for coal and steam-based power plants.”

“We take great pride in setting up this state-of-the-art MindSphere Application Center in Gurgaon as Digitalization has a huge role to play in meeting India’s demand for reliable, sustainable and affordable power. This center in Gurgaon is part of the 58 MindSphere Application Centers established globally. Each of the MindSphere Application Centers from Siemens spans multiple locations in different countries and specializes in various industry verticals. Today, around 900 software developers, data specialists and engineers are already working together with customers at these centers to develop digital innovations for data analysis and machine learning,” said Sunil Mathur, MD & CEO, Siemens Ltd.

Prashant Jain, Head of Power Generation Services, Siemens Limited, said, “The modernization of power plants and turning around the stressed power assets through technology will contribute to a saving of 3 to 6% of coal and thereby emissions. The co-creation approach of Siemens in finding solutions for the power industry enables us precisely to identify the need and collaboratively develop innovative and value-added solutions for the customers.”

For more information, visit http://www.siemens.co.in.

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