Shining 3D Launches Einstart-C Desktop 3D Printer

Shining 3D Launches Einstart-C Desktop 3D Printer
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HANGZHOU, China, Aug 25, 2017 – After 12 months of development, Shining 3D, the 3D technical leader in 3D digitizing and printing, is proud to announce the launch of the Einstart-C, the next generation of Einstart series desktop 3D printer. It has great improvements in printing speed, stability and overall performance, meeting the increasing demand for individual, home and school use of the 3D printer.




The Einstart C is a compactible desktop 3D printer, based on fused deposition modeling technology. The fully-enclosed design and optimized structures enable the Einstart-C to continuously operate for up to 300 hours. The print speed has risen up to 100 cc/h, double the speed compared to previous generation model of Einstart-S. The printer also has an automatic leveling function and wireless network connection.

According to Rosy Ni, vice president of Shining 3D, the Einstart-C has a higher level of safety and better print quality than ever before. The easy-to-use interface and simple out-of-the box setup experience makes the Einstart-C the best choice for educators and individual users. Since there is a growing number of makers, inventors and entrepreneurs looking for access to low-cost printers, the Einstart-C can meet all their requirements.

STEAM education has been increasingly valued by global educational organizations in recent years. 3D printing technology can integrate STEAM together in education, empowering teachers and providing the students with hands-on experience in order to strengthen their motivation and creativity. Thus Shining 3D takes efforts to improve the Einstart-C’s user experience for school and individual use.

To support more schools looking to introduce 3D printing in the classroom, Shining 3D and PrintLab International, who have built a strategic partnership from January 2017, will be releasing the ultimate educational starter package on 24th August. Containing the Einstart-C 3D printer, EinScan-SE 3D scanner, materials, lesson plans, a curriculum kit, online courses and a 160 page handbook, the package helps teachers to inspire their students efficiently and effectively at an affordable price point. Facing the remarkable advantages of 3D technologies in education, Shining 3D has full confidence in the potential market volume of consumer grade 3D products and will never stop developing affordable and high-quality 3D equipment.


Model Einstart-C
Print Technology FDM
Layer Resolution(mm) 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.4
Footprint(mm) 364*386*380
Build Size(mm) 153*153*153
Nozzle Diameter(mm) 0.4
Local Flash Storage 4GB
Screen 3.5-inch Color Touch Screen
Connectivity Thumb drive, USB Cable, Wi-Fi
Filament 1.75mm PLA
Software 3DStar


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Shining 3D was founded in 2004 and quickly became China’s first OTC stock company in the 3D digitizing and printing industry.  With business areas covering 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D materials, 3D design and manufacturing service, and 3D network cloud platform, Shining 3D is the industry leader in multiple aspects, including overall strength, sales volume, technology varieties, and service support capability. As the leading Chinese 3D printing company, Shining 3D has won international influence with customers in more than 70 countries throughout Asia, the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. For more information, visit 

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