Sculpteo Releases Fabpilot for 3D Printing

Sculpteo Releases Fabpilot for 3D Printing
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PARIS, France and SAN LEANDRO, CA, USA, Nov 16, 2017 – After eight years of in-house development, Sculpteo, the 3D printing specialist, is ramping up and launching its first software for the production of 3D printed parts: Fabpilot. Fabpilot is fully cloud-based and is designed to help professionals manage and optimize their 3D printing fleet.

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Fabpilot can significantly optimize how production centers operate, and takes part in the advent of the industry 4.0. This Software as a Service (SaaS) enables third parties to control and manage their own fleet of 3D printers. It handles every step of the process, from nesting orders to preparing the parts and from the printing process to shipping. By creating a simple, easy-to-use tool in a market where software is becoming increasingly complex, Sculpteo gives access to a technology that is already revolutionizing the world of manufacturing.

Since it was founded in 2009, Sculpteo has developed its own software tools to increase efficiency and to reduce the operating costs of 3D printers, contrary to existing solutions that are either too slow, require too much training, or are too expensive. From manufacturing to quality control and delivery, every step of the production process was optimized internally to make the most out of 3D printing, by reducing lead times and lowering costs while continuously improving the quality of parts.




By centralizing all these tools in one stand-alone solution, Fabpilot puts eight years of R&D to work for professionals. Fabpilot offers real solutions to users’ needs, resulting from real issues that were faced by production centers. The software is based on four pillars. It was designed to be as user friendly as possible, for an intuitive and easy handling that requires no training, installation or download. It is available on the cloud, providing users with 24/7 access no matter their location and alloing them to collaborate easily with other users. All the tools needed are available in one software, and do not require any additional modules. Finally, it costs about 5 times less than competing software.

Fabpilot offers step-by-step support to the 3D printing workshop operator for every stage of its work. For instance, the files are corrected automatically, the parts are hollowed out as much as possible, within the limits imposed by their mechanical constraints, multiple orders are virtually nested simultaneously to improve production efficiency.

Sculpteo’s cloud technology adapts to most professional 3D printers. It is compatible with more than 30 different file formats and can convert them to a format that can be read by these machines. Within its production center, Sculpteo has reduced the 3D printing failure rate by 50% with Fabpilot.

Clément Moreau, the co-founder of Sculpteo, says: “At Sculpteo, we believe that 3D printing is radically changing the landscape of industrial manufacturing. Every day we see this technology’s benefits for our customers. To bring this technology to a wider audience, we have decided to push things further by integrating our own expertise into this software, which is now available to everyone. Technology is nothing without the right tools to use it!”


Fabpilot helps you manage your fleet of 3D printers and is available at starting at $99 per month. No downloading is required.

About Fabpilot

Fabpilot can handle everything from optimizing and preparing models for printing to tracking orders and shipping. Even better – Fabpilot is cloud-based. Everything can be organized in one place, from anywhere. Your team members can collaborate easily, no matter their location. Its features include file repair, automatic scheduling, a nesting tool to improve how your parts are packed inside the 3D printer, and automatic invoice creation.

About Sculpteo

Sculpteo, pioneer and specialist of digital manufacturing, offers a service of online 3D printing, from 3D model transfer to the order of the object, and wants to make this technology easy and accessible to all. Based in San Francisco and Paris, Sculpteo offers on-demand 3D printing and manufacturing in large scale for start-ups, SMEs and design studios. The offer of Sculpteo resembles more than 100 combinations of materials with multiple colors and finishing options, as well as a technical analysis and superior repair of files. The Sculpteo factories use professional 3D printers and laser cutters with a very fast execution and a global delivery. Sculpteo was created in 2009 by Eric Carreel and Clément Moreau. For more information, visit

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