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SCIA Engineer Gets KOMO Product Certification

SCIA Engineer Gets KOMO Product Certification
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HERK-De-STAD, Belgium, Mar 2, 2018 – SCIA, a Nemetscheck company is pleased to announce that, after a long period of intensive testing, SCIA Engineer was granted in last August the KOMO product certificate according to the guidelines ‘BRL 0207 Rekensoftware voor betonconstructies d.d. 06/03/2014’ for the SCIA Engineer module esacd.01.01: ‘Reinforcement design and checks of concrete beams and columns according to EN 1992-1-1’.




For our users, it is a testament of our continuous effort to deliver structural design tools that meet the highest standards in terms of reliability and transparency, as recognized by an independent certification organization.

A ‘KOMO product certificate’ is a document in which is explained by an independent institution that the product satisfies the technical specifications as described in the related product description. The certificate also assures that the quality system of the supplier continuously keeps on meeting these requirements. The value of this product certificate is that it gives clarity to the user of the supported product scope and results.




The correct functioning of the software is checked by comparing the results with test sets of which input and results are known. The test sets cover all the described technical specifications of the product description. All supported articles of the EN 1992 are covered with specific test cases. These test cases are part of the general automated test suite. For each new build, this test suite of more than 10000 automated test cases is executed and checked.

  1. To view the product description or to download, click here (PDF)
  2. To view the certificate, click here (PDF)

About SCIA

Founded in 1974, SCIA is a software company headquartered in Belgium, which develops, markets and supports software products for structural engineering and structural analysis in the construction market. We continuously strive to inspire our customers to move their limits in designing, analysing and building any kind of structure – even the most audacious ones – while keeping their full creativity and effectiveness. Every day our partners rely on SCIA to be successful and to address their real business challenges. For more information, visit https://www.scia.net/en.

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