SCANLAB releases powerSCAN II 3D scanner tailor made for industrial use

SCANLAB releases powerSCAN II 3D scanner tailor made for industrial use
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SCANLAB GmbH, a German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of high quality scanning systems, has unveiled a new 3D scanner tailor made for industrial use.


The powerSCAN II was launched at the Laser World of Photonics tradeshow in Munich earlier this month. Per SCANLAB, the new product is suitable for industrial cutting and welding applications. It encompasses multi-kW CO2 lasers and low-mass 50mm mirrors, which enable small spots together with high dynamic performance.

With a freely adjustable image field size, thanks to the integrated FLEX functionality, the powerSCAN II can be harnessed for a broad range of applications. SCANLAB believes it is of particular interest to those in the paper, packaging and textile industries. Noting the adoption of CO2 lasers for trimming diverse organic materials, like paper and cardboard, SCANLAB made the decision to incorporate them in its latest delivery to the 3D scanning market. It also helps in the customising of products.

A flexible solution, according to the company, the powerSCAN II is capable of reducing tool and processing costs, and even has a ‘FLEX’ option. This enables stop-less, motorised attainment of image field sizes from 250 x 250 mm2. When various spot sizes and working distances are set simultaneously, the integrated z-axis extends the image field into the third dimension. This enables precise laser processing, even of non-planar workpieces.

The powerSCAN II is available with assorted application-specific tunings – for high line speed or for high contour-fidelity when cutting complex patterns. Its digital servo electronics permits easy switching between these tuning options to always ensure the perfect dynamics setting for each application.

“The powerSCAN II signifies the continuous development of our product portfolio,” said SCANLAB CEO, Georg Hofner. “Flexibility via a ‘quasi fourth axis’ and fundamentally redesigned digital electronics result in an exceptionally attractive overall package for higher-power applications with large image fields. Initial test systems have already been shipped and are being put through their paces in industrial processing tasks.”

SCANLAB’s powerSCAN II boasts a number of updated features and even a sleeker design compared to its predecessor. The new scan head is considerably more compact, its height has been reduced and its footprint has shrunk by around a third. Its smaller stature means integrators and builders can now more easily position the device, or operate a number of them side-by-side simultaneously. The new housings are sealed and dust-protected, and the beam exit is equipped with an exchangeable window for protection against process emissions. Rounding out the system’s industrial suitability is the continuous status monitoring of all scan head axes, and transmission of a combined interlock signal. In the event of a fault, this can facilitate quick system shutdown and thus prevent wastage or further damage

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