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Stratégies to Showcase Romans CAD at Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber (AFMEC) Expo, India

Stratégies to Showcase Romans CAD at Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber (AFMEC) Expo, India

Agra, India : Stratégies will be present for 3 days of exhibition at AFMEC Agra, India, from 30th Oct. to 01st November.
This will be the opportunity for Strategies specialists to showcase the Romans CAD solutions, the latest updates and improvements and, to demonstrate the superiority of the software suite against competition.

The event will be also an opportunity to meet managers, designers and 3D virtualization engineers who are interested in learning more about what is happening in Footwear and Leather Goods Industries, and learn over Romans CAD solutions.
Please come and see us to Hall C, stand C24.


Contact in India: Jean-Marc PEDEBOY
E: jmprcs@cadwin.com
India distributor: Vinay Amba
e: vinay.amba@gmail.com


Agra Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Chamber (AFMEC) Event, India  - http://www.afmec.org

About Romans CAD
Romans CAD represent a complete 3D/2D Design and PDM software suite for Footwear and Bag Industries. Romans CAD suite represents a single solution for 3D prototyping, engineering and Data Management that helps companies to improve their workflow and to maximize the efficiency of their intern resources.
Romans CDA technology can be seamlessly incorporated in any IT architecture and process environment and facilitates the sustainable use of product data across the whole product lifecycle. The challenge of RCS today is to initiate their users to work in Cloud environment which will enable design and development teams located anywhere on the planet to access and use data on any device (laptops, personal computers, Apple-Mac, tablets, smartphones). This will lead to a new enterprise model based on design innovation, collaboration and globalization that will be able to engage simultaneously designers, engineers and product developers from 5 continents in a co-design / co-development process. 

About Strategies
Strategies is a company based in Paris (France) that develops CAD/CAM software projects for shoe and bag industries for more than 25 years. CAD-PDM leader for Footwear and Bag Industries, Strategies brings value to more than 1600 customers worldwide. The big challenge of the company today is to provide more 3D experiences to its users, to push the limits of design, modelling and product simulation.

For more information, visit www.romans-cad.com

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