Ralph Grabowski Releases ‘Customizing BricsCAD for V18′ e-Book

Ralph Grabowski Releases ‘Customizing BricsCAD for V18′ e-Book

Bengaluru, India


“Changing the face of .dwg CAD development using BricsCAD”

Every year, CAD writer and journalist, Ralph Grabowski updates three books in a row, after the BricsCAD release: First, the AutoCAD-to-BricsCAD transition guide, then Inside BricsCAD e-Book and finally the e-Book for developers, Customizing BricsCAD V18.

The last in this series just got updated and is available for download now. You may download it here. The eBook is offered free of cost but a $40 price tag is suggested. If you find the book useful, professional CAD development companies are encouraged to pay this as a taken of appreciation to the author.


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The Customizing BricsCAD V18 e-Book assumes significant importance this year in the radar of .dwg CAD software developers. The  BricsCAD API tools have improved tremendously in V18 with the availability of a new BLADE IDE for Visual Lisp development. Combined with a nearly 100% compatibility (undoubtedly the best in industry) with all the COM model and ARX functions, BricsCAD V18 APIs now are most complete, most compatible and the most exhaustive list of functions you can ever find for the .dwg CAD user.

I find more and more users in the BricsCAD community (including myself) now do the primary development on the BricsCAD platform and use AutoCAD only for the final testing and to create the .FAS and .VLX builds.

I call upon the .dwg developer community at large and invite them to try using BricsCAD as a development platform for your AutoCAD applications as well. With a no-charge policy on developer licenses, third party application developers can now deploy multiple seats of BricsCAD development nodes at no cost and have compatible code created for dual-platform use – on AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

In doing so, you can reap a huge by-product benefit of having ported your application on BricsCAD and have it run on AutoCAD too.

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