PZFlex LLC announces PZFlex 2017

PZFlex LLC announces PZFlex 2017
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CUPERTINO, CA, July 13, 2017 – PZFlex LLC announces PZFlex 2017, the latest release of the market-leading piezoelectric and ultrasound simulation and optimization toolset. PZFlex 2017 is the first choice of engineers designing piezoelectric devices like MEMS fingerprint sensors, FBARs and SAWs for RF Filters, medical imaging systems using PMUTs and CMUTs, 4D-imaging sensor heads and high-intensity focused ultrasound transducers. Like previous generations of PZFlex, the 2017 release is built around the same trusted time-domain solver with fully coupled mechanical, piezoelectric and thermal physics. However, this is where the similarities stop.

Integrated Post-Processing: PZFlex 2017 includes integrated post-processing tools for common engineering problems

The 2017 release includes a modernized UI with a ribbon displaying the most useful PZFlex commands and an upgraded workflow featuring the powerful new designer mode.

Designer Mode is a 3D modeling environment which allows device designers to directly import 2D and 3D CAD, set up simulation parameters using point-and-click in 3D, and observe real-time 3D simulation data during simulations. The classic analyst mode also received an UI refresh with a modern IDE, data manager, text editor with embedded syntax detection, and document map.

Post-processing tools like Bode Plots, S-Parameter Plots, and many other useful visualization tools are also included so that engineers can focus on design enhancements, not plotting data.

Run-time Simulation Results: PZFlex 2017 provides run-time simulation results

Optimization capabilities are enhanced using the FlexConnect for Matlab which allows engineers to combine the powerful solver capabilities of PZFlex with the optimization tools within Matlab. With FlexConnect and Matlab, engineers can rapidly optimize extremely large designs using algorithms like Nelder-Mead or Genetic Algorithms (GA).

Analyst Mode: Analyst Mode gives experienced engineers direct access to core PZFlex solver functionality and data types

PZFlex has also refined its pricing model to bring advanced simulation and optimization capabilities to a broader segment of the market. The new model includes Annual and Quarterly licenses that lower the cost barrier for small businesses, universities, and startups.

Import 3D CAD: PZFlex 2017 enables engineers to easily import 3D CAD from common file formats

Come join the PZFlex team at Semicon West in San Francisco, Booth 7029, West Hall, Level 1. The team will be providing demos and detailed PZFlex updates.

About PZFlex

PZFlex has been at the cutting edge of product design and analysis for over 20 years. Heavily used by leading global companies and universities, PZFlex allows engineers to run accurate simulations in drastically reduced time-frames, driving the need for physical prototypes down and accelerating product design cycles. PZFlex LLC is a portfolio company of The Combine.

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