Pune based Chizel Makes its Way to End Consumers with 3D Printed Designer Mobile Cases

Pune based Chizel Makes its Way to End Consumers with 3D  Printed Designer Mobile Cases

Last week I had an opportunity to meet Yash Rane,founder of Chizel, Pune based 3D printing service provider that offers on demand product designing and manufacturing for the custom made miniatures, prototypes, props & lifestyle accessories. With unique value proposition and end to end services, Chizel have catered to hundreds of odd customers from architecture, automotive, heavy machinery and packaging industry.

Started in 2014, Chizel have changed the way people perceive 3D printing technology in India. The firm started with a small team of 3 IIT graduates focusing on conventional Rapid prototyping services. Today, they are team of 8 professionals now impacting verticals like architects, real estate players, heavy machinery manufactures and MICE industry where 3D printing is used as end product including marketing models, souvenirs, trophies and miniatures. With the support of NDBI (incubation center by National Institute of Design) Chizel is now expanding its reach to consumers with this product range.

Lot of hopes and optimism are already reflected by great application associated with 3D printing. The technology that was conventionally used to build prototypes is now used to make end use products. With Amazon investing big time in developing additive manufacturing category of products, where consumers can customize products their own way, is changing the way customization is looked upon as luxury. Today with 3d printing, consumers can literally make a product of their own choice at affordable price point. Leveraging this unique and untapped opportunity, Chizel, has launched their first designer range of ‘3D printed mobile cases’ which is something more than conventional mobile cases!


We see lot of fancy mobile cases all around us, but rarely do we notice something more than printing on back side of polycarbonate cases. Chizel is all set to bring the new dawn of unconventional designs, differentiating its product by 3D element. Chizel has come up range of designs which may not be possible using traditional manufacturing processes. The first series of designer mobile cases for iPhone is launched and is available on their own store www.chizel.co. Along with the protection for your mobile, these cases provide that subtle element of complex structures that people have not experienced yet. With 3D printing, Chizel gives palpable sense of design that people can touch and feel. Mostly consumers or end-users do not care about how product is manufactured. They care about the look, feel and durability. “We have worked significantly to ensure that the finish and quality as good as mass manufactured product.” said Yash Rane

I think, Chizel’s mobile cases seem to be more durable than the local cases available in market. The material used is flexible, available in various colors, we can bend it wash it if required. Also, the weight of the mobile cases is just 8-12 grams which is half the weight of any standard mobile case in market.

With this, Chizel also allows consumers to share their custom requirement that will be designed and manufactured on demand.

Chizel is working on various options to bring down the cost of the mobile cases in near future. They are building the most agile manufacturing workflow of distributed local manufacturing without keeping any inventory of products. The concept is in dry run and under continuous improvement.


I liked Telephony 3D Printed iPhone 6 Case – check your favorite on   https://www.chizel.co/products/telephony

Contact Chizel  at sales@chizelprints.in

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