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ProtoTech Releases 3D PDF Viewer for iOS v2.0.18.178

ProtoTech Releases 3D PDF Viewer for iOS v2.0.18.178
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PUNE, India, Jul 6, 2018 – ProtoTech Solutions has released its latest version ( of 3D PDF Viewer for iOS with new exciting features.

Features of this release-

  1. Supports loading assemblies and sub-assemblies with transformations.
  2. Supports loading parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies exported from Autodesk Inventor.
  3. Supports loading parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies exported from SolidWorks (Without lossy compression).
  4. Added check to verify if file type is other than PRC (e.g. u3d)
  5. Various rendering, performance and UI improvements.
  6. Automatically computes normals if they are not available in 3D PDF files. 

Steps to use 3D PDF Viewer for iOS?

Step 1:

To download this app from iTunes, please click here

Step 2:

The 3D PDF Viewer Application will start with the following home screen


Step 3:

You can login to Drop Box or Box to access your PDF Files.



Step 4:

3D PDF Files from your Box or Drop Box account will be listed and taping one of the file will render 3D PDF Model on your mobile device.


Why to use 3D PDF Viewer for iOS?

  1. 3D PDF model rendering (.prc files)
  2. Multi-touch gestures like zoom, pan, rotate and fit to screen
  3. Import models from Dropbox, Box cloud storage application.
  4. Supports password protected pdf files.
  5. Easy file browsing for Box and Dropbox user (Box and Dropbox cloud storage is natively integrated with the application)

3D PDF Viewer for iOS V( is now available for Quick Request download at https://bit.ly/2lO76cb where a full list of features and formats can also be viewed.

About ProtoTech Solutions:

ProtoTech is a custom software solutions company with skills in

  1. Development of 2D/3D based Engineering applications.
  2. AR/VR Development.
  3. 3D Desktop/Mobile/Web Visualization
  4. Engineering File formats & Data Interoperability Mobile/Web Engineering Apps Development
  5. Quality Assurance/Testing services.

For more information:

Contact us: info@ProtoTechSolutions.com

Visit us: www.prototechsolutions.com.

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