progeCAD Architecture v2014 Released

progeCAD Architecture v2014 Released
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ProgeCAD is proud to unveil the new progeCAD Architecture 2014 version, the CAD software program incorporating the cutting edge BIM technology and fully compatible with AutoCAD®.
progeCAD Architecture 2014 is an ideal tool for advanced Architectural design offering the user a winning combination of general-purpose CAD features and sophisticated functionality of the Building Information Modelling system along with the incontestable advantage of the DWG environment. The program is now faster, more efficient and precise to create building models at the most competitive price.

IFC 2×3 file format import and export and multiple Viewport creation are for sure two of the most exciting novelties of the new progeCAD Architecture 2014 version that are to enhance the design process by adding greater flexibility. The support of the IFC file format, the standard object-based file format with a data model for better exchange of architectural projects, will contribute to full compatibility with other BIM applications such as Allplan®, Revit®, ArchiCAD®. The IFC format allows to import and export building data, including such complex objects as stairs and roofs, significantly reducing data loss. Creating multiple Viewports on one Layout with the possibility to separately handle visualization options will speed up the creation of unique views of a project and facilitate print layout management.

progeCAD Architecture 2014 is a 2D/3D DWG-native CAD software application, fully compatible with  AutoCAD® and other CAD programs supporting DWG/DXF/IFC file formats. 3D design with progeCAD Architecture is even faster and easier than 2D drawing in a generic CAD application such as AutoCAD® or progeCAD Professional. The program optimizes projects creation by making the building design phases easy and straightforward: from modelling to rendering, and up to interactive virtual tours of a model. Besides, progeCAD Architecture 2014 is compatible with the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 operating systems supporting even the latest Windows 8.1 OS with significant engine performance improvement. The intuitive GUI is quite familiar as it includes all drawing and editing commands and tools of the generic industry standard CAD software. The 2014 version is also showcasing the following new features:

  • Single hided roofs of any shape defined by polylines
  • Render engine and material compatibility improvement
  • Print improvement with Plot options support
  • Insertion of X-Refs with Solid ACIS
  • Changes in the default values ​​of some parameters or commands to ensure compatibility with the latest AutoCAD® versions (like in Tolerances and MText)
  • Changes allowing plot preview and settings display even with no printer selected
  • Background colour support in MText (through the Property Panel)

Click here to watch a Video presentation of  the new features ofprogeCAD Architecture 2014.

Owing to the fact that progeCAD Architecture integrates the BIM technology, the user operates directly on a 3D model, that ensures the speed of execution and editing as well as great creative freedom during the process of modelling. It is possible to insert complex parametric objects (such as doors, windows, roofs, stairs, 2D/3D furnishing) directly in a 3D model observing their interaction and transformation in real time. Immediate visualization of all modifications in 2D and 3D dramatically saves up time and reduces errors when revising a project.

Alongside with the generic CAD features and architectural intelligent BIM components, progeCAD Architecture provides the tools typical of the advanced DWG environment, such as: ACIS 3D solid modellingadvanced renderinganimation creationCTB and STB print files supportfree 2D and 3D block libraries. The architectural design is further assisted through complete image management with high quality photorealistic rendering, 3D/4D smooth animation, as well as material maps and topographic components.

Damiano Croci, CEO for ProgeCAD, comments: “The release of progeCAD Architecture 2014 is an important milestone on the way to developing an architectural BIM program ever more complete, intuitive and easy-to-use, designed to increase your productivity and efficiency by reducing design time and allowing to minimize errors when preparing construction documentation.”

ProgeCAD invites everybody to test the new release by downloading a 30-day fully functional trial version of progeCAD Architecture 2014 here. For more information, please go to theofficial website and the YouTube Channel entirely dedicated to the program. Not to miss out on any update, visit our blogs and major social networks facebook, twitter and google+.

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