PREMA MagiCAD for Revit Plug-in Available Now

PREMA MagiCAD for Revit Plug-in Available Now
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TURKU, Finland, May 28, 2020 - Recently released PREMA MagiCAD for Revit plugin is a Revit add-in application that connects Prema’s calculation application ShuntLogik into MagiCAD for Revit, allowing easier selection of shunt units to be used in MagiCAD for Revit.




The ShuntLogik calculation program designs all common Premablock shunt units without exchangers. It handles shunt units with conventional control valves, as well as control valves with built-in differential pressure regulator, i.e. FLEX shunts. ShuntLogik also handles calculations for shunt units in the so-called GREEN version. PREMA MagiCAD plugin enables designer to easily insert, copy, update and view technical data of Premablock shunt units with MagiCAD for Revit.

“Our ambition has always been to be far ahead with tools for designers. We are therefore very pleased that our deep collaboration with MagiCAD has now made it possible to take another major step in this development and also provide Revit users with tools for simple and correct sizing of prefab shunt units in their MagiCAD projects.”, Thomas Winge, Head of R&D at PREMA.

Key features:

  1. Intelligent connection to MagiCAD enables calculation data transfer between ShuntLogik and MagiCAD.
  2. Insertion of a shunt unit (selected in ShuntLogik) to MagiCAD for Revit.
  3. Updating of single shunt unit selected in MagiCAD for Revit (with ShuntLogik).
  4. Batch update feature for updating several shunt units in MagiCAD (with ShuntLogik).
  5. View Technical data of selected shunt unit in MagiCAD.
  6. Copy shunt unit in MagiCAD.

To download PREMA plugin for MagiCAD for Revit , click here.


PREMA supplies customized and purpose-built shunt solutions for fluid-based heating, cooling and heat recovery. Recognized as the gold-standard in customized pre-fabricated shunt solutions, our flexible Premablock system is available in over 50 functional configurations that deliver superior heating and cooling functionality to building facilities all over the Nordic region. Thanks to the flexibility of the Premablock system, we are able to build systems for the toughest and most challenging environments, including industrial HVAC solutions with extreme pressure and temperature requirements, as well as for environments with demanding requirements on material purity. Premablock is designed to minimize running costs and maximize operation up-time. It is also designed with ease of maintenance in mind and its modular nature allows for easy scalability and additional add-ons such as expansion systems, glycol mixers, particle filters as well as de-gassing equipment and other maintenance solutions.

About plugins

Plugins are used for connecting manufacturers’ product selection and calculation software with MagiCAD for Revit and MagiCAD for AutoCAD.

The MagiCAD installation package comes with MagiCAD Plugin Manager which helps users to install plugins directly from the MagiCAD user interface. All plugins are grouped together in the ribbon menu instead of separate toolbars, providing an easy and consistent user interface. All Plugins are developed by MagiCAD Group.

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