Pointerra Utilizes Autodesk Reality Capture Solution Recap SDK

Pointerra Utilizes Autodesk Reality Capture Solution Recap SDK
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PERTH, Australia, Oct 31, 2018 – Pointerra is pleased to announce the early global adoption of Autodesk’s new Reality Capture solution “Recap SDK”, providing Pointerra customers with additional functionality through Pointerra’s cloud platform for 3D data and further enhancing capture to design workflow.

Commercial Rationale – Customer Demand

Since Pointerra commenced commercializing its cloud-based 3D DaaS (Data as a Service) platform in 2017, solution enhancements have always been customer-lead. The capture sector is increasingly adopting a multi-sensor approach to 3D data generation, with 3D laser scanning and LiDAR now being augmented by photogrammetry-derived datasets.

These 3D data sets are typically captured from terrestrial laser scanners, mobile laser scanners, drones and other UAV/UAS platforms and used in a range of design, engineering, visualization and asset management applications, adding huge value and ROI directly from the derived data.

However, the capture mediums typically create very large 3D datasets that are often difficult to manage, use, analyze and share. Enter Pointerra. Turning these point clouds and 3D datasets into easily manageable data formats has become a reality.

Responding to customer demand, Pointerra has evaluated the market for capture to design solutions and has elected to adopt the newly released Autodesk Reality Capture solutions Recap SDK. In providing this additional functionality, Pointerra delivers further gains in workflow efficiency, saving our customers valuable time and money.

Pointerra utilizes the Autodesk Reality Capture solution – Recap SDK

Pointerra is now providing customers with access to cloud-hosted file formats of Autodesk’s industry-leading reality software, Recap, via Pointerra’s cloud-based platform for 3D data.

Recap enables users to process point clouds post-capture using the Autodesk Recap Pro software to generate file formats that can be easily imported into Autodesk authoring software formats (RCS, RCP, Recap Project). These derived formats can now be easily imported to and exported from the Pointerra platform, with users able to upload any 3D point cloud format and then share all or part (clip-and-ship) of the dataset in the desired Recap file format, enhancing the end to end workflow from capture to design.

The integrated solution will provide Pointerra customers that operate in the 3D capture space, as well as the AEC and asset management sectors, with an efficient, scalable and affordable solution to their capture to design requirements, delivering on Pointerra’s vision of being the leading cloud-based platform for managing, sharing and analyzing 3D data by providing actionable 3D information to power digital asset management solutions.

Autodesk’s Global Digital Leader in the AEC sector, Brett Casson, explains the potential for the integration: “Pointerra’s common data environment for point clouds and Autodesk ReCap enables our customers to streamline reality solution workflows. The newly released Autodesk Reality Solutions SDK enables our customers to utilize reality data in Autodesk authoring solutions such as InfraWorks, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks direct from our partners. Cloud hosting and sharing of critical project information become seamless, and users gain access to real-time digital data with greater accuracy.”

Pointerra’s Regional business Manager Ryan Pearce responded: “Pointerra gives its users greater control of their 3D point cloud and digital data, enabling anytime, anywhere access while enhancing capture-to-design workflow at a scale and performance level that adds value to all parties. This also includes 3D datasets generated through photogrammetry and aerial/mobile/terrestrial LiDAR and laser scanners”

Pointerra’s cloud platform for 3D data provides a CDE (Common Data Environment) for point clouds and derived/modeled 3D datasets that can now be more easily used in Autodesk authoring solutions, generating material savings in workflow efficiency that drive minimum 5x ROI outcomes for customers.

About Pointerra

Pointerra is an Australian company focused on the commercialization of its unique 3D geospatial data technology. Pointerra’s technology has solved an entrenched problem in the 3D geospatial sector and allows very large 3D datasets to be viewed by users without the need for high performance computing. The 3D datasets are processed and stored in the cloud for instant, on demand user access: anytime, anywhere, on any device – providing actionable 3D information to power digital asset management solutions. Pointerra’s vision is to create a global marketplace for 3D data, saving users time and money and creating a 3D data access revolution. For more information, visit http://www.pointerra.com.

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