Pointerra Licenses Bentley’s ContextCapture Reality Modelling Platform for 3D Data

Pointerra Licenses Bentley’s ContextCapture Reality Modelling Platform for 3D Data
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PERTH, Australia, Jun 1, 2018 – Pointerra Limited (ASX: 3DP) (“Pointerra”; “Company”) is pleased to announce the execution of a Partnership Agreement (“Agreement”) with Bentley Systems Inc. (“Bentley”), a US headquartered global infrastructure software provider that supports engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and asset owner-operators with a range of digital asset management solutions.


44ContextCapture turns photos into 3D models and point clouds


Commercial Rationale – Customer Demand

Since Pointerra commenced commercialising its cloud based DaaS platform in 2017, solution enhancements have always been customer lead. The capture sector is increasingly adopting a multi-sensor approach to 3D data generation, with 3D laser scanning and LiDAR being augmented by photogrammetry-derived datasets.

These are typically captured from drones and other UAV/UAS platforms with lightweight digital cameras (and can also be created using the camera on a contemporary smartphone) through to fixed wing and rotary wing platforms hosting larger camera systems such as those used by Nearmap and Spookfish (https://www.spookfish.com).

Photogrammetry software applications are required to turn these digital images into 3D data via a process that is extremely demanding on compute resources. Responding to customer demand, Pointerra has evaluated the market for photogrammetry solutions and has elected to partner with Bentley Systems, a global geospatial, asset management and infrastructure software giant, in order to provide this capability to our customers.

Pointerra Licenses Bentley’s ContextCapture Reality Modelling Platform

Under the terms of the Agreement, Pointerra has become a Bentley OEM Partner and will provide access to a cloud-based version of Bentley’s industry leading reality modelling software, ContextCapture, via Pointerra’s cloud-based platform for 3D data.

ContextCapture enables users to create large and challenging 3D models of existing realworld assets, including scales as large as entire cities. ContextCapture utilizes the methodology known as photogrammetry to process data from photographs and create 3D models, to easily and quickly provide context for design, construction, and operations decisions for all types of asset management and infrastructure projects.

The integrated solution will provide Pointerra customers that operate in the 3D capture space, as well as the AEC and asset management sectors, with an efficient, scalable and affordable solution to their photogrammetry requirements, delivering on Pointerra’s vision of being the leading cloud-based platform for managing, sharing and analysing 3D data by providing actionable 3D information to power digital asset management solutions. 3D Data Solved.

Phil Christensen, Senior Vice President, Reality Modeling at Bentley commented, “Bentley Systems is pleased to partner with Pointerra to provide our common users with the best that laser scanning and photogrammetry can provide. The combination of Pointerra’s innovative cloud platform and automated 3D model creation from photography using Bentley’s ContextCapture sets a new standard for advanced cloud-based 3D data management. We look forward to working with Pointerra to further enhance our joint offerings.”

Pointerra’s Managing Director Ian Olson responded, “We are delighted to have formalised this partnership with Bentley who are a global leader in digital asset management solutions and have recognised that Pointerra’s cloud platform provides an important element in Bentley’s solution-set. We believe the additional functionality delivered by the ContextCapture capability will help us grow our DaaS customer base and we also expect to benefit from integration into Bentley’s existing suite of desktop and cloud solutions via further formal licensing agreements.”

Under the terms of the Agreement, Pointerra will generate income at a commercial margin from the use of Bentley’s ContextCapture application by Pointerra customers and will pay Bentley based on this usage. Pointerra expects that the partnership with Bentley will generate incremental revenue and drive further customer acquisition for Pointerra’s subscription DaaS platform from the data capture, AEC and asset management sectors. It is too early to estimate the likely quantum of the income that Pointerra expects to earn and the usage payments the Company will make to Bentley from the use of ContextCapture by Pointerra customers.

About Pointerra

Pointerra is an Australian company focused on the commercialization of its unique 3D geospatial data technology. Pointerra’s technology has solved an entrenched problem in the 3D geospatial sector and allows very large 3D datasets to be viewed by users without the need for high performance computing. The 3D datasets are processed and stored in the cloud for instant, on demand user access: anytime, anywhere, on any device – providing actionable 3D information to power digital asset management solutions. Pointerra’s vision is to create a global marketplace for 3D data, saving users time and money and creating a 3D data access revolution. For more information, visit http://www.pointerra.com.

About Bentley Systems  

Bentley Systems is a global leader dedicated to providing engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,500 colleagues in over 50 countries, and is on track to surpass an annual revenue run rate of $700 million during 2018. Since 2012, Bentley has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions. For more information, visit https://www.bentley.com.

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