Pixologic ZBrush 4R8 Update 2 Available for Digital Sculpting

Pixologic ZBrush 4R8 Update 2 Available for Digital Sculpting
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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, Aug 10, 2017  - Pixologic announces the availability of ZBrush 4R8 Update 2. This patch is highly recommended for all users and includes a number of changes for improved stability in ZBrush 4R8. Users with serial numbers who have not yet upgraded to ZBrush 4R8 can simply follow all instructions in our Download Center.  (Please do not skip Step 1).




Users with serial numbers who have already upgraded to ZBrush 4R8 (including P1) can browse to their ZBrush 4R8 folder and run the ZUpgrader application found there.  This will update your copy of ZBrush to version 4R8 P2 and will not require you to activate again afterward.

  • It is not recommended to run the Auto Update from within the ZPlugin palette in ZBrush.  Please run the ZUpgrader application instead.
  • If ZUpgrader does not work properly for you, download the stand-alone updater for your platform: Mac OS X or Windows.  After downloading, this updater must be placed in your ZBrush 4R8 folder before running.  When you then run it, your ZBrush 4R8 installation will be updated to 4R8 P2 without requiring you to activate ZBrush again afterward.
  • If for some reason neither update method works properly for you — or if you prefer to have a “fresh” ZBrush 4R8 P2 installation — simply uninstall ZBrush 4R8 and then install 4R8 P2 using the full installer from Step 2 on the Download Center.  After installing, you will need to use Web Activation to generate a replacement activation code.


For Floating Licenses (no serial number)

  • If you have not yet upgraded from ZBrush 4R8 or earlier, please have your IT manager follow these instructions to request the 4R8 upgrade.  This version will be 4R8 P2 from the outset.
  • If you have already have 4R8 P1 FL, download the appropriate updater:  Mac OS Updater or Windows Updater.  With ZBrush closed, place the updater application in your ZBrush 4R8 FL folder and then run it.  Once updated, you can launch ZBrush again.


Patch 2

  • Masking applied to active SubTool will now be visible while Live Boolean is active.
  • Mesh dimming for unselected SubTools will now be visible while Live Boolean is active.

  • Resolved various Brush issues involving Morph Target usage. (Such as the interaction of the ClayTubes Brush with Morph Targets.)
  • Fixed Brushes not maintaining settings.
  • Standard Brush now has Adaptive Size set to 0 by default.
  • Brush Draw Size ‘Dynamic’ mode will now be stored per Brush.
  • Dynamic Brush Scale (in Preferences) now allows a wider range of values.
  • Updated GroomClumps Brush to eliminate rendering artifacts.
  • Curve Brushes using the ‘Dots’ stroke now work with Lazy Mouse.
  • Brush Classic Axis-lock (Shift modifier) will now be used when Lazy Mouse is toggled Off.
3D Print Hub

  • Exporting textures with a VRML now supports ‘Selected’ mode.
  • Resolved issue with the functionality of ‘Move Bounding Axis to Origin.’
  • STL import now correctly imports color STL files.

  • Restored missing Material shaders such as: DoubleShader, TriShader and QuadShader.
  • Resolved issue of Best Render not working if a BPR render was canceled.
  • Fixed UV stretching when creating Planar UV’s on a model.
  • LightBox now supports OSX Aliases.
  • Material Blend Radius now functions correctly.
  • Restored TransPose Inflate functionality.
  • Restored TransPose Clip functionality.
  • Gizmo3D ‘TransPose All Selected SubTools’ now turns off interlaced rendering when not active.
  • Tray Dividers now require a double-click to open or close. This should prevent accidental clicks closing the trays. (This will affect ZScripts that open/close the Trays. See ZScripting Help forum for more info.)
  • ZScript command [LoopContinue] now functions appropriately. (ZScripts using [IConfig,4.8] or higher.)
  • Exporting Displacement Maps in EXR format now support unicode characters.
  • SubTool palette scroll bar no longer creates a blank SubTool List.
  • Fixed Ghosting when manipulating models in 3D.
  • Eliminated Layer artifacts when going in and out of Record mode.
  • Drawing meshes in 2.5D will now respect Classic Axis-Lock (Shift modifier.)
  • Fixed custom palette issues pertaining to sliders and shortcuts.
  • Fixed BPR rendering issues with FiberMesh and edge detection.
  • ZBrush to Keyshot Bridge is now compatible with Keyshot 7.
Patch 1


  • Floating License Clients have been released with Patch 1.
  • Added a “Modulate By Color” slider to NanoMesh.
  • Boolean preference was added to allow user control to delete the temporary Make Boolean Mesh files.
  • A Claytubes-Constant brush has been added. This will allow constant depth to the surface when a morph target is applied.
  • A Brush3D Template Project has been added with a polygroup outline. This will make preparing VDM’s easier.



IMM Viewer

  • Updated the IMM viewer to update instantly when inserting or deleting items.
  • IMM Viewer to turn off /on immediately as user changes the preferences settings.
  • IMM Viewer Preferences to save with any UI config.



  • Brushes that have been saved with older versions will have the “Adaptive Map Size” in the Brush>Alpha and Texture menu set to zero in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • ClayTubes brush will now have Fast Samples on by default in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • The new shift-to-Line stoke will be auto-disabled when using Smoothing brush.
  • Updated to turn off the new Shift Line when the Shift key is pressed before touching the surface.



  • Brush Edge action inserts by default a single edge loop instead of multiple loops.



  • Custom palettes may now be deleted and the UI will immediately reflect the change.
  • Button Size can now be set to max 120. This will allow for large text and buttons. Ideal for larger displays.
  • Custom palettes can now be deleted.
  • The font on Mac OS X should now be easier to read.



  • All visible SubTools are now sent to the target application.



  • 3D Print Hub will now export textures when a VRML is exported.
  • 3D Print Hub can send to Preform and will send all visible SubTools.
  • FBX Export now has merged UV’s.



  • Make Union Mesh is now support on OSX Mavericks 10.9
  • The Subtool-Track of Timeline will be disabled by default in order to be compatible with earlier versions of ZBrush.
  • The Inflate with Right Click on the Transpose Line has been removed (this will be replaced by future deformers).


For more information, visit https://pixologic.com.

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