PC-Architect 2D

PC-Architect 2D

PC Architect automates the drafting procedures in CAD giving you automated modules to place rooms, doors & windows along with the dimensions and the room text; simultaneously presenting dimensions in FPS and MKS.


  • Automatic Generation of Center line / Face line

ü  Accurate centreline drawing drafted in just a few seconds.

ü  Revised Centreline also in seconds.

ü  Place column of required size in CAD … Select all columns… Centreline is generated.

ü  No need of a skilled operator to draft a center-line.


ü  Utilize the design skills of an architect to full extent.

ü  No need to waste his precious time in drafting centreline


  • Submission Drawing & Statements:-

ü  Built-up Area calculations

ü  Plot area calculations

ü  F. A. R. statements

ü  Ground coverage

ü  Balcony / Carpet Area statements


Built up Area Statement

As you click on the areas on the key plan, it’s simultaneously generates statements alongside, eliminating the calculator, the text command and further calculations. The entire process is done precisely and speedily in the most presentable manner. This software helps you to plan areas and their presentations. This can be used on Autocad 2000 onwards & can improve tremendously the efficiency of your office.

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