Osaka Prefecture University Launches CAE Courses in Japan

Osaka Prefecture University Launches CAE Courses in Japan
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EDINBURGH, Scotland, Dec 9, 2016 – Osaka Prefecture University in association with ANSYS Japan, Cybernet and EDEM have launched a new educational program whose aim is to develop simulation expertise among engineers in the process industries in Japan. The focus is on industrial powder handling processes with applications such as mixing, segregation, filling and tableting.

Leading academic Professor Satoru Watano of Osaka Prefecture University, a well-known figure in the field of Powder Technology, is the initiator of this program. Prof. Watano has identified the need to educate and equip engineers in the process industries with simulation skills to help facilitate adoption of CAE technologies. The objective of this course is to train simulation experts who can make use of key simulation tools to solve particle-related problems and develop innovative powder handling processes in short period.

Professor Watano explained: “For the industries that do not have experience using CAE software, there exists a large barrier before introducing the software.  The main objective of this educational program is to lower that barrier and to increase the number of engineers who can solve problems in powder handling processes by using computer simulation. This year, 19 people from 12 industries and 2 academics attended the basic course, and 14 people from 10 industries and 2 academics attended the advanced course.”

The course started in April of this year and is running over several months. Modules include training on three CAE technologies: finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and discrete element method (DEM).

The program started with a basic course covering the fundamentals of each numerical technique and teaching attendees how to use specific tools – ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical and EDEM software. This was followed by a more advanced course that focused on using those tools together in a co-simulation environment to investigate and simulate complex applications related to powder handling processes.

The EDEM Team is pleased to be supporting this initiative by providing access to EDEM software and training attendees in Japan so they can get familiar with discrete element modeling (DEM) and be able to apply this technology to optimize processes involving bulk materials.

About EDEM 

EDEM is the market-leading discrete element method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulation technology is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the mining, equipment manufacturing and process industries. Companies worldwide use EDEM to optimize equipment design, increase productivity, reduce costs of operations, shorten product development cycles and drive product innovation.

Founded in 2003, EDEM is a global company headquartered in Edinburgh, UK with offices in USA and Japan and supported by a network of channel partners in Asia-Pacific, South America and South Africa. The executive team is Richard LaRoche – chief executive, Ian Williamson – chief revenue officer and Gordon Grant – chief financial officer.

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