OKI Presents Full Disclosure of Product Life-cycle CO₂ Emissions

OKI Presents Full Disclosure of Product Life-cycle CO₂ Emissions
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TOKYO, October 3, 2016 — OKI (TOKYO: 6703) today released both English and Chinese language versions of its OKI Group Environmental Report 2016, a compilation of information on its environmental efforts during fiscal year 2015. The report is published annually to present to our stakeholders concepts, overviews, major initiatives, and data related to OKI Group environmental management. The document is scheduled to be published in PDF format on the OKI website at noon, JST.

This year’s report focuses on the main theme of Life-cycle CO₂. In light of global warming concerns and as a company active around the world, the OKI Group discloses the environmental impact of activities with respect to CO₂ volumes released at the stage in which our customers use our products. The report will serve as guidelines for future environmental impact reduction efforts.

The results of these surveys indicated that large part of CO₂ emissions of the OKI Group is those of product use and component procurement. To reduce the CO₂ emitted during product use, OKI strives to strengthen and broaden its OKI Eco Products Certification Program to develop energy-saving products. Beyond this, OKI will promote environmental impact reductions jointly with its suppliers by enhancing Green Procurement Standard efforts.

Moving forward, as a business group dedicated to social infrastructures, the OKI Group will promote efforts to reduce environmental impact in both products and business activities, and contribute to the realization of a safe and secure society.

Outlined below are the highlights of the Environmental Report 2016:

  • Incorporating Safety and Security – Environmental Activities through Life-cycles
    • Environmental Activities of the OKI Group from the Perspective of Life-cycle
    • OKI Group Life-cycle CO₂ Emissions
    • Company Program for the Promotion of Energy-saving Products
  • Special Feature: For a Safe and Secure Society
    Environmental Impact Reduction through Products
    • Improved Environmental Performance Promoted in Cash Handling
    • Ecology with respect to Communication Devices
    • Improved Environmental Performance Delivered by Barrier-free Maintenance
    • Social Infrastructure that Contributes to the Prevention of Global warming and Responding to Climate Change
    Environmental Impact Reduction through Business Activities
    • Reducing Environmental Impact as Practiced in the Manufacturing Process
  • OKI Group Environmental Management System
    • Structure of the Environmental Management System
    • Employee Education
  • Consideration for the Environment – Detailed Data
    • Material Balance
    • SCOPE3
    • Reducing Environmental Impact of Business Activities and Products
    • Environmental Accounting

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