Oct 11, 2012: Vero Software’s Alphacam and Cabinet Vision gets Orders Worth Over £110,000 at the W12 Exhibition

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Vero Software’s two
market-leading woodwork brands Alphacam and Cabinet Vision took orders worth
over £110,000 at the W12 exhibition.

With W12 being the UK’s leading exhibition
for the joinery and furniture manufacturing industries, Cabinet Vision General
Manager Richard Chappell says they regard it as a sales event. “We’ve come to
W12 with a different look, a different attitude and a different feel, and
taking over £110,000 worth of orders showed that exhibitions aren’t just places
to be seen. They’re places to conduct business.”

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As well as the firm orders, Alphacam
and Cabinet Vision combined had over 160 additional leads. Alphacam General Manager
Nick Spurrett was extremely pleased to hear that many customers have full order
books. “Because companies have a constant stream of work they have money to
invest in the right software to not only drive their new CNC machine tools, but
which drives their existing tools faster and better, increasing productivity.
That’s why both Alphacam and Cabinet Vision did so well at W12.”

He says customers have more
confidence in the future today than they did at W10, and feel the market is

W12 was the first opportunity for
UK users to see the new and enhanced functionality in the latest releases of
both brands –Alphacam 2013 R1 and Cabinet Vision V8. 

Visitors to the joint stand were
impressed with Alphacam’s new reporting function. “They told us that being able
to create user configurable reports and labels will improve both part and
program traceability. They can set up bespoke documentation for nested job
reports, setup sheets, tool listings and part labels,” says Nick Spurrett. The
new tool path oscillation function also caused widespread interest at the show.
A sinusoidal or zig-zag up and down movement can be applied to any contour
toolpath, utilising more of the tool’s effective cutting length which will
improve surface finish and extend the tool life.

And Richard Chappell says the new
rendering features in Cabinet Vision V8 are the best ever. “Woodworking
manufacturers already use rendering as a marketing tool. Now those renderings
which show their customers exactly how the cabinets will look in situ, are even

W12 was the first time in the UK
that Alphacam and Cabinet Vision exhibited under the new Vero branding,
following the merger of Vero and Planit last year. The software was also used
by their machinery manufacturer partners in machining demonstrations on their
own stands, featuring Nesting and part machining.

After the success of W12 Alphacam
and Cabinet Vision look forward to a strong finish to 2012 and would like to
take this opportunity to thank their many UK customers for their continued





About Vero: Vero Software develops and distributes software for aiding
the design and manufacturing process in industry sectors such as automotive,
aerospace, electronic, medical, white goods, stone and woodworking. The company
has direct offices in the UK, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Canada, Netherlands
and China, supplying products to more than 40 countries through its wholly
owned subsidiaries and reseller network. It has more than 120,000 licenses



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