NUMECA Releases OMNIS 2.1 for Simulation, Optimization

NUMECA Releases OMNIS 2.1 for Simulation, Optimization

BRUSSELS, Belgium, Aug 24, 2017 – NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of OMNIS 2.1, the first major version of NUMECA’s unified environment for multidisciplinary simulation and optimization!



OMNIS 2.1 gives you access to two applications:

  • The OMNIS/HEXPRESS Application: leveraging HEXPRESS/Hybrid core capabilities within OMNIS’s integrated environment
  • The OMNIS/OPEN Application, in BETA Preview: a subset of the Open solver capabilities with a foretaste of the co-processing power of OMNIS

This version comes with a documentation platform fully integrated within the software. It provides all necessary information to get started and features two detailed tutorials giving a hands-on introduction to the foundational concepts of OMNIS.


With the OMNIS/HEXPRESS application, within the same integrated environment, you can now:

  • Import, and Edit your CAD model
  • Dynamically adapt the triangulation
  • Repair the geometry with advanced tools: Cap Holes, Extrude faces, Remove Features, Loft and Revolve curves
  • Create your domain and define multiple designs
  • Use HEXPRESS™/Hybrid most advanced capabilities:
    • Choose between HYBRID and Full HEX mesh
    • Define different refinement mode
    • Set surface and volume refinements
    • Use Proximity refinement to capture specific features of the geometry
  • Generate the mesh. Analyse the result with the quality histograms and color contour. Isolate and display the cells by quality criteria ranges.
  • Export your mesh in the various formats (.sph , .hex , .msh , .ccm)

We are looking forward to hearing from you how OMNIS/HEXPRESS is easing and speeding up your mesh generation process!

With OMNIS/OPEN Application in BETA Preview you can now:

  • Import a mesh or create it directly with all the capabilities of OMNIS/HEXPRESS
  • Set-up a mono domain CFD simulation with perfect gas
  • Monitor the convergence with the integrated monitor
  • Enable the Co-processing capability to see the solution evolving during convergence
  • Create local values, isolines, color contours, vector fields and iso-surfaces

We will welcome your comments and feed-backs on this first BETA Preview of OMNIS/OPEN!

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