NUMECA Releases FINE/Turbo, FINE/Design3D v12.2

NUMECA Releases FINE/Turbo, FINE/Design3D v12.2

BRUSSELS, Belgium, Mar 12, 2018 - NUMECA is delighted to announce the official release of FINE/Turbo and FINE/Design3D version 12.2. FINE/Turbo is a flow integrated environment for rotating and non-rotating flow analysis in external and internal turbomachinery applications where as FINE/Design3D is an integrated environment for the design and optimization of turbomachinery channels and blades.




This release comes with a documentation included in the software package, available in our customer area on FINE/Agile, AutoBlade, AutoGrid5 and CFView are also available as stand-­alone.


AutoGrid5: New wizard for open marine propeller

AutoGrid5 introduces a new row wizard for marine propellers. The wizard creates a dedicated topology to capture the real rounded tip shape of the propeller and generate a high-quality, low cells count mesh.

The wizard also automatically generates the upstream, downstream and far-field domains.




FINE/Turbo: GPU Acceleration for NLH simulation with CPU Booster 

GPU Acceleration technical has been extended to Nonlinear Harmonics simulations using CPU Booster.

You can now get the unsteady flow solution with the Nonlinear Harmonics method twice faster than a classical steady simulation with the mixing-plane approach.


18(Click to see)


FINE/Design3D: Rounded tip blade parameterization in AutoBlade

AutoBlade can now fit and parametrize an open propeller geometry with a rounded tip shape. This new development, combined with the new marine propeller wizard in AutoGrid5, allow our users to optimize their propeller design automatically with FINE/Design.




Fixes and improvements:


  1. Detection of unclean CAD data and mesh deviations during the computation of B2B intersections


  1. Barotropic law cavitation model compatible with Merkle preconditioning
  2. 1D Non Reflecting rotor-stator interface with preconditioning
  3. Improved outlet mass flow boundary condition with pressure adaptation
  4. Visualization of complex deformation mode shapes in the GUI
  5. Import of CFView 1D and 2D profiles for boundary conditions and fluid properties definition


  1. Better control of Parasolid and IGES geometry export

Get ready to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check out the Release Notes for important changes in this release.

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